Monday Mornin’ Reads


Don’t cha just love homoerotica? This is most likely an underwear ad I copied from somewhere and yet it speaks something naughty to me!

Donny’s heated glare caused the erection in my briefs to harden even more. My nipples perked and I moistened my lips, meeting his gaze. “What’s your problem?” I knew the answer but I couldn’t help but ask to annoy him.

He stretched out and placed those strong arms behind his head. “You know what the issue is here, Sam. Bryan wants to be with you and quite frankly I don’t understand why!”

“Yes you do,” I snarled and clicked my teeth. “Stop being a jealous ass and admit that he wants me just as much. You agreed to try out this ménage a trois and put your supposed hatred for me aside for his benefit.”

“I don’t think I can. The more I think about it, it sickens me that we might have to share a bed. You’re a scumbag. Always have been for what you did to Carl.”

“Shit…” I ran my fingers through my wavy brown locks and pulled at my scalp. I’d done nothing to Carl he hadn’t deserved. For whatever reason he always thought Carl was an absolute angel. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. “Look, Bryan wants me so deal with it! We don’t have to touch each other, less alone look at one another. As long as I’m able to be with Bryan, that’s all I care about.”

“Yeah right. Typical you. Only thinking about yourself!

“Hey!” Bryan interrupted Donny’s statement and shot me a furious look. “Enough already. You two stop talking as if I’m not here. If you two can’t get along there will be no threesome, period. I can’t take listening to the two of you bicker all night. I won’t have it,” he yelled. “Now that I got your attention, Donny, on your knees in front of me to suck my cock and Sam I want you above me so I can suck yours. You might be a cruel son of a bitch but that doesn’t stop me from wantin’ your sorry ass.”

Donny did as asked and so did I without complaint. Well damn, Bryan isn’t the mute I thought he was!

**Hope you enjoyed that! I think I see a story here!

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