Monday Mornin Reads


I love this picture…

Here is a small little short. I dunno, it might be a plot bunny in the making.

Something about him drove me wild… I carried his slender body on my shoulder as my master had asked. This man, who made me drunk with lust, captured my heart with only one kiss. Yet, he was a criminal who’d sinned against our god and because of this I had to carry out the orders required of me.

“Please,” he begged. “Please…” His body trembling in my arms and the sweat from his flesh caused my own skin to be moist. This lovely creature, so beautiful, tanned skin, gorgeous ass I would’ve liked to enjoy this evening was scared, terrified of what my lord was about to do with him. “Please Sir, I’ll do anything if you spare my life!”

I didn’t even know his name but I swore I’d do whatever I could to help him. Anything, even if it meant my death to save this man from a terrible fate. My king was known for his torture of enemies and criminals. Surely if I let this be done, my beloved to be would die a terrible death.

So, despite being a man of honor for all these years, I decided I’d defy my god in favor of a man I hadn’t known for more than ten minutes. My face showed it all, the defiance, the fierceness as my king wanted but my heart displayed something else.  I’d fight to save this man who’d made me happier than any other being regardless if it meant my demise or not.

Let the real God give me strength to carry out my quest.



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