Saturday Sips – Candyman

  Candyman is the next book up for revisions and edits.

Rawiya and I have flip-flopped the order in the series so I can make changes. 

Here is the blurb and an excerpt for this week.

Alain Roux is the executive director of the world famous Diamond Candies chocolate factory on the South Side of Chicago. His father, Demi Roux just lost his battle with cancer and has left it in his care despite Demi’s brother’s advice to leave it to him. Alain has no interest in the company but to fulfill his father’s last wish, he takes on the day to day of it anyway.


He’s a spoiled brat, a young man that’s lived off his father’s money, and never worked a day in his life and now Alain’s responsibility is this huge company that he could care less about till he meets one of the more attractive employees, Ty Washington.


Ty is a born and raised Southsider who’s working there to put him through college. Recently, his father threw him out because he confessed he might be gay. This hardens him a bit and he makes the choice not to pursue any gay relationships in hopes he’ll eventually grow out of it and begin to date women. However, when he and Alain talk, his heart soars and as badly as he tries to fight it, the two connect and eventually they decide to give their relationship a try.


However, the pressure of Alain being Ty’s boss as well as Alain’s uncle bugging to take over the company might interfere with their quest to become closer? Will the two survive these distractions or succumb to the adversity and break apart? In BL’s own humorous way, she’ll tell the tale of a man and his subordinate as the overcome the struggles to build a long lasting commitment.

***Alain and his lawyer Lucas in a humorous conversation. Unedited excerpt

Alain sighed and sat back in the chair. “Well, like I said, I thought it was idiotic at first too since children think about candy more than adults but then I pondered about how Diamond, like our competitor has been around for years and some of those same adults were kids when Demi started. Its part of their childhood. We need to target them first as the other company does. If the parents want to give their kids Diamond Candies in their lunch boxes then that’s on them.” Alain leaned back and unbuttoned his black suit jacket. “I hate the numbers part of it so just take care of that will ya’, Max? You are the acting CEO so get to work.”

“No problem.” he stood. “I’ll get right on it. We’ll discuss it first thing tomorrow.”

“Eh, not too early. I probably won’t be in here till about ten or eleven.”

The last part of that statement resulted in a glare from Lucas.

Max bent his head forward and left out quickly.

Lucas titled his head and his eyes narrowed. That strong alto tone dipped a couple of octaves making him sound like Barry White. “What do you mean you won’t be comin’ in till ten or eleven?”

Alain cocked an eyebrow. “I have a date, Lucas, with Ty, We’re spending’ a lil’ more personal time together. If it weren’t for this meeting and his early class I woulda had his ass last night. Dayum!” Alain hit the table and grinned.

“You can’t be serious! You’re going to go farther with him? Alain, this isn’t the best of ideas. Just when I thought you were starting to get it.”

“Get what?” Alain shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I get the part about being a boss, Lucas. I dunno why that should stop me from goin’ after someone I want! I want him badly!”

“Yes, but he works for you and you just took the man out to dinner last night.”

“So! I wanna fuck that sweet ass into next week too and get this Lucas, he wants it! He really, really does! Lucas, you gotta let up a lil’ will ya? He seems like a nice guy.”

“So you have absolutely no reservations about him?” Lucas peered at him intently through his black rimmed glasses.

Alain wrung his hands and bit his bottom lip. Yeah he had a few. The fact that he was newly out, still wasn’t completely comfortable. Despite this, it wasn’t a good enough reason not to sleep with him. “I have a couple but hell, doesn’t everyone when they begin a new relationship?”

“All the more reason you should wait before you bed him, Alain. Give me a chance to run his background at least. I submitted his paperwork this morning.”

Alain drew up his lips. “I knew you would do that. Damnit, Lucas, I told you to let me do this on my own without your help.”

“I know but I also know what your father would’ve wanted. Demi would be tryin’ to talk you outta this.”

“No, he would’ve told me to go on ahead and make sure I used rubbers,” Alain laughed. “Lucas, please, let me go into this without your meddling, okay? The whole time you’ve checked up on men I’ve dated, nothing came of it. Maybe it’s time to do it the old fashioned way and find out on my own what Ty is about.”

Lucas looked away and rolled his eyes. “Well I’ve already done it. I hope nothin’ bad comes from it.”

Alain sighed and crossed his hands over his stomach. “By the way, do you know anything about the south side of Chicago?”

“A little. I mean, I know some parts are tougher than others. I noticed Ty’s address if that’s why you’re asking. That’s not a very nice area of town.”

“Oh really? Is it like bad as in dangerous?”

“Well, it could be. It’s a high crime area. Don’t you dare go anywhere near there especially driving that car!” Lucas shook his long finger at him as if he were a teacher scolding a student.

“Um, well, I went as far as, um, what did he say, Garfield? Was that too far?” Young Roux grimaced, preparing himself for a lecture.

“Far enough. Lemme guess, you took him to the train?”

“Yeah, how did’ya know?”

“Well, you did say you were takin’ him out and I’d guessed that it was late and he needed to get home, so…eh, Alain, please don’t drive me to an early grave. Stay away from that side of town especially at night. You know nothin’ about that area.”

“Well damnit Lucas, maybe it’s about time I learned. If I’m datin’ this man, I need to see where he lives.”

“No you don’t. If you wanna go there I’ll take you but you’re not goin’ alone! Please Alain, It’s honorable that you want to familiarize yourself with the area but it’s not safe, especially not driving a new Jaguar.”

Alain clicked his teeth and glanced up at the ceiling. “Fine, whatever!”

Lucas reached over and patted his hand. “It’s for your own good. Now, I’ll stay out of your business for now but just be careful okay? Don’t go into this totally blind. I know you want a relationship badly to resolve some of the hurt from Demi’s death. Believe me, I feel the same but we must be sensible.”

Alain nodded and stared at the man his father loved for the better part of almost a decade. “You could make this simple and be mine, you know. It would solve all the problems.”

“No that would create more. I cannot keep up with you and even if I could, you’re like a son to me. Plus, Demi would haunt us from the grave.”

“Lucas, you keep sayin that but…”

Immediately, Lucas interrupted him. “No buts, Alain. Like I said, I’d never do that to your dad. I loved him too much. I promised him I’d take care of you, not date you. You need a man more your age, not an old fogie like me.”

“You’re not old, Lucas. You’re a handsome man that’s got a lot to give.”

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