First Date Disasters Blog Event

Greetings readers! Another post by the wicked gal for the first disasters bloghop. Me being a muse haven’t had any first date disasters so… I can go back to my characters and their “first date.”

My first characters from My Lieutenant, Nathan Ellerby and Bryant Duncan met under the weirdest of circumstances. Not to give much away but the cover kind of says it all.

A ransacked apartment and they fall in love. *laughs* Nathan has been robbed and Bryant assisted in catching the culprit. Imagine finding the true love of your life after someone went through your personal belongings. You’ve got some cop there asking you questions you don’t know the answer to. “Who did it, do you have any enemies, mad exes…” Hey a little personal huh but they have to asked. Yes, Nathan’s personal space had been invaded, he was mad as hell, wanting to kill someone and in walks a man who sweeps him off his feet immediately.

Oh the agony! The embarrassment of a good lookin’ man seeing you at your worst and my Nathan, oh he’s a bit of a diva. He’s fun, is never at a loss for words. After all that, Bryant would still like to get to know him and then, when they do go on the “date” What does he find out? Well, damn, if you haven’t read the book, you need to. Lol

By the way, a book two is on the way for My Lieutenant 2 and the snark as well as the fluff along with hot sex is there. Hope you enjoyed that, erm “disaster” I’ve posted.

Make sure you check out the Rebel site for the other bloggers from Rebel who are telling you about their disasters. *giggle* Also today All Romance is offering all Rebel Titles at %25 off. Woot! Go on and grab some!

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Official Blurb:Nathan Ellerby’s apartment has been ransacked by his ex who didn’t like the fact Nathan dumped him. Trouncing through the debris uttering a string of obscenities, Nathan’s shocked to see Lieutenant Bryant Duncan at his door claiming he’s already caught the offender. Sensing an instant connection, when Nathan finds out Bryant’s divorced and he’s straddling the fence between being gay or bisexual, Nathan finds himself in a quandary.

  Although the Lieutenant does everything in his power to prove to Nathan he’s worthy, Nathan is afraid to lower his defenses which leaves both men wondering if Nathan will allow love into his life even through his doubts.

“Well fuck!” I yelled at the top of my lungs when I returned to my ransacked apartment from a gathering at the art museum. . I determined it was most likely my last asshole boyfriend who thought I should just accept his bisexuality without question.

I placed my sketch case by the door, looking at my couch cushions and a slew of magazines on the floor. I stomped through, frowning, huffing like a mad man.

Fuckin’ faggot!

There was yellow tape over the door and a very heavy set cop inside, taking notes. “Um sir, what happened here?”

The officer nodded. “Hiya. Officer Thiesmann here. It appears someone broke in and one of your neighbors caught the guys and turned them in. Do you have any clue who could’ve done this?”

I rolled my eyes, sighed, and simply answered. “Yes.”

What would be my next move? Go after the bastard with a crowbar? I wasn’t sure but this would teach me about dating idiots who claim to be on the fence. I’m so done with that. All because they look good. They’re nothing but trouble.

I kept walking through in horror as I saw all my personal belongings strewn about. My latest sketches torn to bits. “Goddamnit!”  I heard a knock at my door.

“Who is it,” I called out in a menacing tone, trouncing through shredded paper.

The officer looked at me then in the direction of the doorway. “That’s the man that captured the thieves.”

I cocked an eyebrow and turned around.  “Well Hello!”

A very tall, dark, and handsome bald headed man was standing there with a pearly white smile.

“Hey, listen, I caught the guys that went through your things.” He smiled and nodded.

“Seriously?” I opened up the door slowly only to lock eyes with the most, gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on.



He  moistened his lips. “Hey, I’m new to the building. My name’s Bryant Duncan.” He put out his hand.


A black Irishman?

I accepted it. His hands were warm but kind of rough just the way I like them. That moment, his skin on top of mine sent heat to my groin. I took a whiff of his cologne. “Nice to meet you, Mr…”

“Call me Bryant, please,” he interrupted me. “Like I was sayin’, I saw the bastards going through your place. When they saw me, they tried to get away but, I called the cops once I got the building security to come up and help detain them.”


Holy shit, my hero…

“You didn’t have to.” I was completely impressed that he cared enough to put his life on the line.

We stood silent a minute.

“Ahem.” The cop came up behind me. “Okay sir, I need you to come down to the station and give a statement. If you could meet me downstairs.” Thiesmann adjusted his belt. “Mr. Duncan, nice work and um, Mr…”

“Ellerby, Nathan Ellerby.” I offered my hand.

The cop took my hand lightly. “Mr. Ellerby, don’t be too long okay?”

He walked back through the door and struggled to crawl under the tape. When I saw that I wanted to laugh but I had more important matters in front of me.

I gazed at him.

“I’m sorry, and you said your name was…” Bryant raised an eyebrow.

“Oh shit, erm.” I cleared my throat, noticing our hands were still locked together. “Nathan, Nathan Ellerby.”

We gripped each other’s palm tightly. “Good to meet you, Nathan.” He released my hand and my gaze then reached into his back pocket of his loose, fitting jeans.

I couldn’t help but follow his arms. They were so big, muscular. I could imagine them cradling me during the night.

“Here we go. My number just in case you need me for anything,” he grinned.

I took the piece of paper, still gawking at those lovely brown eyes. I tried to keep myself from drooling. “Man, I don’t know how to thank you.”

Bryant waved his hand, smiling. “No problem, man. I live right down the hall. I just happened to be on my way out to run some errands.”

“Yeah?” I leaned against the door frame. Suddenly, the robbery seemed less important.

“Yeah, those fools were doing it in the middle of the afternoon.”

“Interesting.” I licked my lips, looking away for a moment. I wanted to continue talking to Bryant, but Thiesmann was waiting on me. “Listen, umm, again, I don’t know how to thank you for what you’ve done. It was very brave of you.”

Bryant smiled, “Like I said, no biggie.” He put his hands together and rubbed them briskly.

This time my eyes didn’t follow. I tried to think of something else to say to keep his attention. “I, um…I need to figure out a way to repay you for this. Maybe, I could take you out to dinner or something?”

Bryant grinned, nodding. “Yeah, maybe we can have a bite to eat. If you need my statements or anything, make sure you use that card and give me a call,” he said before disappearing back down the hallway.

“Thanks so much, Bryant. I’ll be calling you to setup that dinner.”

“Cool.” He backed away. “See ya, Nathan.”

“Bye,” I said, watching his cute backside make its way down to apartment 17D. “Shii…” I mouthed to myself after I closed my door, grinning like a Cheshire cat. The man was my hero, in the span of five minutes I was in love.


Thank goodness for petty crime!

* * *






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  1. Happy anniversary!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you! 🙂 Wishing you many, many more years of success! Many blessings to you all! Your book sounds great! I cant wait to read the rest! Thanks for sharing!

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