Thursday Thoughts

 Greetings fans.


Although I’m still new to the genre, I’ve noticed in a lot of m/m romances or gay books, there’s a lot of tension and/or angst in the books. Characters aren’t comfortable with their sexuality, not happy about being called gay, or their rejecting their partners because they aren’t ready to come out. In fact, I’d say most of the books I’ve read and or seen have these scenarios as part of the plotline. Why? Because it makes for a great story and sometimes that goes beyond the realm of erotica.


In our genre, there’s got to be a reason for the sex. Why are my characters suddenly in bed and tearing each other’s clothes off? They’re finally together after the one who had the issues with being gay has come to their senses and feel’s a sense of relief.


In my latest book, You Don’t Ask We Don’t Tell: Basic Training, my MC Cody doesn’t like that his friends and dad have shunned him. He’s looking for a way out and thinks the Army is the answer to all his problems. Might be, might not. You’ll have to read to find out.


The tension in this story is what made it fun to write. Yeah, making my main character suffer a case of blue balls throughout might’ve hurt but hey, it’s what makes it more enjoyable for the reader. This whole series will have that including book two where Cody and his new best friend attempt to get on with their lives after basic training. I’ll tell you this much. It won’t be easy.


Hope you’ll check it out!

BLMorticia with her snarky series about a man looking to shed his “gayness” The Army’s the place to get right, right? Think again!






Overall Blurb


A gay curious young man whose fell over the fence more than a couple of times is seeking the armed forces to become more of a straight man under the duress of his family. He leaves behind his on and off again lover, Dari Kirk.


At the local recruiter’s office, he meets Corporal Justin Belvidere who can tell he’s hiding something. Running away from something he needs. He knows just what training facility to send him to. The one part of the army that everyone knows to be one of the finest and most upstanding platoons in the armed forces but they have hidden secrets.


Captain Morris Dunst runs Army company 9669. A proud group of men known for their tenacity, wit, and strength. He’s produced some of the best soldiers in his ten year tenure, teaching them how to be real men.


That take it all like men.

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