Monday Mornin’ Reads – Moan


A little MF for you in this Monday Mornin’ Read

“Miss lady who you runnin’ from, your boyfriend?”


The sight of him in that tight uniform and the size of both his “nightsticks” aroused me. I licked my lips and shook my hair to tease him. “Obviously I’m running from you officer friendly.”


“Really, you were going ninety-five before I got behind you.”


He put his nightstick back at his side and removed his glasses revealing those beautiful blue eyes. I noticed his hair tied back in a ponytail. Confident I distracted him from giving me a ticket, I smirked as he came face to face with me.


“Well Ms. Lady, I’m gonna ask ya’ to turn around so I can search ya’, standard procedure ya’ know.”


Ooh yes, please search me. Slowly, I turned around, leaned against the car, and followed his orders.


I heard him step right behind me, his hands slid down my sides. Officer Feely inched my dress up, his hot breath on my ear and tongue tickling my earlobe. Instantly, I got wet when he rubbed his erection on my ass.


“Mmmhh…” He grinded me hard and pulled my thong around my knees. Surrendering, I placed my hands on top of the car, inviting him to do what he wanted to me without saying a word.


“Mmm, Officer.” I cooed when he dipped his fingers into my wetness. When I heard the unbuckling and unzipping sounds, I turned around slightly to catch a glimpse.


“Keep your eyes forward Ms. Lady.”


Obeying, I chuckled and shifted back around waiting for his invasion. Anticipation high, I closed my eyes, hearing the glorious sound of the condom wrapper. In seconds, his swollen cock slipped inside me. Enjoying his intrusion, I grit my teeth, clenched my fists and let him continue. Gradually, he pushed into me and continued to toy with my clit. I arched my back for him to get a better angle. The more he penetrated me, I forgot all about my speeding ticket.

Seems like he did as well.

Hope you enjoyed that. 

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