Back to School Blog Event – Michael Mandrake

 Greetings folks! I’m hosting the Back to School blog hop for Michael since Shar goofed on her scheduling! 

It would seem that me, the Wicked muse would be involved with No Boundaries since 2 of my pubs are Rebel and Naughty Nights but Michael beat me to it. Doesn’t mean I won’t be trying to crash the party though!

Michael also did a book I thought he’d never do. He pushed the limits with a couple who’s into gun play during sex. HOLY SMOKES! I couldn’t believe it but these are the kind of characters in the Under the Gun series from No Boundaries Press. 

And since all your kiddies should be in school, why not get the book while they’re away? It’s some smexyness in here. Two yummy men, looking for love after being broken hearted in jobs and in love. What could be more interesting than that?

***Let’s do a giveaway too. Be one of the commenters for this NBP hop and you’ll win a copy of the book as well as a book from my own backlist. Check out the covers on the side to peruse the titles!

No Boundaries


All Romance

Barnes and Noble


Camdyn Hardy is a former cop who has his own private investigator business. Due to a misunderstanding from a client, he gets into an argument with his lover Tay. Right after, they breakup Camdyn is left alone to think about his future as a PI and his love life.

Malik Day was recently discharged under the DADT policy and is looking to get his life on track The main reason he joined was because he dreamed of being a ranking officer. Now that it’s been taken away, he desires to start his life anew and find someone to share it with.

After two weeks the men meet at a shooting range and find out they have a lot in common. Once they engage in a one on one match, they proceed to a bar to have drinks and get to know one another better.  They both discover their affinity for guns as well as Camdyn’s need for a new partner at Camdyn & Associates. Malik is intrigued but afraid to ask him and decides to wait till they are closer. Camdyn is excited about this prospect as well but waits for Malik to say the word. Finally, in an erotic encounter, true feelings are revealed.

In subsequent books, the story continues where the twosome begin their work and love relationship. Together they’ll take on cases investigating cheating husbands or wives, companies with defector employees all the while trying to maintain their newfound commitment to one another as well as having a little fun in the process.


When he made it to the office, he signed the necessary papers and waited as the man finished his transaction. Lazily, he leaned on the counter and nonchalantly glanced at a hot looking man that stood less than twenty feet away. Malik grinned and moistened his lips in the gorgeous stranger’s direction.


The attractive guy gave him more than an eye and winked. Obviously, he plays on my team. His lush brown-and-blond hair barely kissed his shoulders. Beautiful azure eyes the same color as the Pacific. Lips so slim and kissable, Malik knew he could enjoy them for hours. Wicked visions crossed his mind as he eyed the scruff on the man’s cheeks. He liked a little roughness when making love.

The snug, black shirt fit well, hugging his bulging muscles. Malik eyed the ink that peeked from under one sleeve and salivated. His skinny, black jeans clung to his taut buttocks; Malik’s own trousers felt a little tight in the crotch. “Mhmmm.” Malik tried to keep his stares from being obvious to the clerk.

Would the hot man like to play with him a little? Malik sure hoped so.

It had been a long while since his last fuck. He’d spent the time searching for employment, going to job fairs, and not getting any call backs. Malik had remained so focused on getting a job; he’d ignored the signals of his groin needing a release from other than his own hand. Too long. He headed for the door and wished the handsome man would follow.

Maybe it’s time to stop looking for work and attempt to find a man.

Just when he stepped out, a voice stopped him.


Malik slowly turned around. It was indeed him, the hottie he’d been eyeing. It shocked Malik to see the guy was actually speaking to him. “Hello.” Malik was taken aback by the guy speaking to him, but he guessed he warranted a greeting when they exchanged more than a passing glance.

The man stepped closer to him and held out his hand. “Name’s Camdyn. And you are?”

“Malik.” He accepted the handshake and returned it firmly. “Nice to meet you.” He raised an eyebrow.

“Same here.” Malik noticed Camdyn continued to hold on to his palm. Of course he didn’t mind; it felt unexpectedly soft and warm. “Um, you been comin’ here a while?”

“Yeah, I um…” Malik stopped short and bit his lip. He tried not to sound too excited. This was the last place he’d expected to be picked up at. The shooting range? Malik would’ve never thought of this place to meet other gay men.

“I been around, but I just got back in town.”

“Yeah? I’m guessin’ from the getup you served in the Army.”

“Uh huh… I um… yeah, let’s go outside.” Quickly, he pulled his hands away, even though he didn’t want to. Surely, he wanted to talk with Camdyn some more, but away from others coming in and out of the shop. He felt a little uncomfortable being picked up at some place so manly, but in a way, he liked it.

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