Wind Down Wednesday


This is the video I was thinking of when I came up with Wild Horses.

Good lyrics too.

I’m really not a fan of country music so this is as close as it’s gonna get.


Here’s a little sample of my next story!

Unedited excerpt

Barton sighed but didn’t let go of Duncan’s hand. “Nothin’ honey. I’m just makin’ this hot stud feel at home here at the Stallion.”

Duncan cocked an eyebrow. “It’s okay, I was just leavin’…” Hastily, he pulled away from Barton.

“Ay…aren’t you…wait−Duncan Moorley? I’ve seen your face on the tele, mate.”

Barton pursed his lips but said nothing.

“Yeah. I know. You’re Dolby Tate’s partner, right? Sad news about him and the horse.”

That moment, the heaviness on Duncan’s mind and heart increased. His head started pounding. “Yeah, I am. I…I need to go back to him.”

“No, wait…I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean to pry, it’s just… I had an interest in the horse and why he reacted that way. Everyone knew JGacy despite the weird name was a good horse. I’d heard he was gentle towards everyone who came in contact with him. No one could understand why he went off like that.”

Duncan sighed and shook his head. “Yeah we couldn’t either. He’s a good…horse. What’s your name, dude and believe me, I wasn’t tryin’ to steal your man.”

“I’m Anders Withsby. I train horses and their riders, my friend. Knowing stallions the way I do, I’ve never seen one react that badly to an owner he’s supposed to love.”

“Well…I’ve always thought something went wrong in his head but who knows? None of that can be changed now. The damage is done.”

“So your man is Dolby Tate? As in millionaire ranch owner and champion rider?”

“Yes Barton, that would be him. I’m sure he’s wondering where I’m at right now too. Nice to meet you both.”

“Yeah… much oblidge, pretty boy.” Barton kissed the back of his hand and flashed a wicked smile in Duncan’s direction.

Just looking at Barton caused tightness down below.


“Erm, Mr. Moorley…”

“Duncan,” he interrupted, about to turn away and head for the door.

“Take my card, Duncan. I’d really love to come by and check out the famed JGacy one day if you don’t mind.” Anders placed it in his hand.

“Um, okay, sure. JG is actually better these days. Dolby still loves that horse. Although he don’t do tricks anymore, he’s still useful.” Duncan grit his teeth while saying that. Yeah he still loved the beast but he couldn’t forget JG’s craziness that almost cost his lover his life.

“I’m sure he is. Be well and let Dolby know how sorry we are.”

“Thanks but, we don’t need your apologies, alright? Dolby can’t walk but he’s still alive.” Duncan glared at Anders then softened when the man gave him a sorrowful look. “Look, I’m sorry about that. I just get tired of people feelin’ bad for us, okay? We don’t need any sympathy. We’re makin’ it just fine. My work load’s increased but we hired two more men to take Dolby’s place on the land. We…” Duncan wiped his eyes, thinking about the day again. “Sorry I…”

Anders walked closer to him and patted his shoulder. “Why don’t you stay a minute and calm down. You shouldn’t be driving back all upset. You might have an accident.”

“Yeah…stay a bit, sugar. We’ll treat ‘cha right.” Barton pulled out the stool next to him again.

Duncan sniffed and wiped his face with the back of his sleeve. “I…yeah, I guess I might need to relax a little before hittin’ the road.”  Anders hand on his shoulder, Barton’s on his leg. God he was in heaven right now with two very hot strangers he wouldn’t mind taking in that back room.

“You need another drink, babe. Somethin’ to calm them nerves. Obviously you’re distraught…”

Anders rubbed his back. “I know you’re still upset about Dolby but as you said, at least he’s still here. I know I can’t relate to your situation.”

“No one can…to have a disabled man as your lover and he’s already demanding.” Duncan took the drink and slammed it down his throat enjoying the burn.

“Yeah I know what that’s like!” Anders responded quickly.

Barton glared at him and cocked an eyebrow.

“He can be a pain in the ass sometimes but… I love him more than anything. I know he’d have a fit if he saw me here with you two but…damn, I just need some friends right now. Everyone treats me like an invalid too, ya’ know and they say those same words. I’m sick and tired of that shit and so is he. He ain’t dead, just cripple. He ain’t no less of a man than any other.”

“Of course he ain’t babe.” Barton lightly massaged his neck.

Duncan sighed under his touch. His cock strained against his dungarees. Why did this man have such great hands? Boy would he love to feel those rubbing his body. A full rub down would be ideal.

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