Saturday Sips – Taming Wild Horses

Good morning! At the moment, I’m putting the last couple of chapters together for Taming, standing at about 34k! WOOT. I should have this edited and ready to go to the publisher just before Nano! Here’s a little snippet of my cowboy foursome full of angst and hot sex!

Unedited excerpt

Duncan grinned, enjoying that he’d made Dolby happy.

Despite what he said, he still wanted to try that third person. In his mind, it would do nothing but add a new facet to their exciting sex life.

He did admit being on top was very satisfying. Dolby used to ride him from behind or on top all the time but now Duncan was in charge.


Satisfied, he lay on Dolby’s chest, taking in the manly musk that was all Dolby. A mixture of sweat, semen, and his aftershave that drove him wild. If only that accident hadn’t taken away his mobility then things wouldn’t have been so strained. Still, he was grateful Dolby survived the horrible ordeal.

Duncan realized he’d have to do more to satisfy his lover day by day. He knew Dolby’s sexual ways was the one thing he had left. He could no longer claim to be the best rider which he loved almost as much as Duncan. The damned JG beast took it away.

Dolby Tate had to be the best lover, at least. Duncan was aware if Dolby didn’t have that to lay claim to, then he’d be much harder to live with.

* * * *

Achy from the past day’s events, Duncan woke at the crack of dawn to start chores and look after the hired hands. Once showered and dressed, he planted a kiss on Dolby’s head and plopped his brown Stetson on his head.

The moment he made it outside, the sun beat down on him causing Duncan to break old in a sweat.

“Gonna be another scorcher, then…” Duncan trounced towards the barn. Just as he made it to his desired location, someone called out to him.

“Boss…I got some trouble with some of them there cows that may need your attention. They ain’t puttin’ out like they usually do.”  One of the hired hands, Jake, gave Duncan a stern look.

Duncan shook his head while placing the saddle on his horse, Manson. “Um, well, might have to get someone to take a look then. We can’t have that. We all need milk here, don’t we? Get Doc Morrow on the phone. I got somethin’ I need to do. I’ll be back in a bit.” He grabbed onto the leather, mounting the filly. Duncan tipped his cap. “See ya’ll in a bit.”

Duncan staring riding with one hand on the rein while the other held a rope tied to JGacy.

Despite all that JG had done, he knew he was only an animal. He loved him just the same.

Dolby wouldn’t have it any other way.

Duncan made his way over to a small pond covered by lush trees. The backdrop was breathtaking. The grassy hills filled with wildflowers in colors of purple, white, and yellow. The morning sun peaked over the top. It was only six a.m. and Duncan found this to be the perfect time to take a walk while watching over the hired hands and their work with the herd and sheep.

Unlike Dolby, Duncan didn’t trust many people. The hired hands tried to reach out to him but after all that happened to Dolby it made him suspicious of everyone. The mystery of JG’s wildness on Dolby’s last ride was unsolved and because of this, he wasn’t willing to let his guard down.

Dolby told him to let go of all his crazed feelings. In his mind, all his men respected and cared for him because of all the good he’d done. Duncan, however, wasn’t so convinced. They had trouble with homophobes when they first moved into this county. Being the only same sex couple that owned this much property made them stick out like a sore thumb.

“C’mon JG, I suppose them suckers won’t try no shit while we take a ride, right? Go boy! Lead the way!” He pulled the rope attached to the other horse ahead of him, giving it a gentle whack on the backside.

JGacy took off immediately, leaving Duncan and  in the dust.

“Yeah girl, go get that sonofabtch, c’mon!” He shook the cords attempting to catch up with the black stallion that was about thirty or forty feet ahead of him.

Duncan could feel the rush through his body as he rode up the hill and back down, coming close to the river. The perspiration formed on his brow underneath his hat as he and Manson galloped through the plains.

“Alright, whoa…” He pulled out his rope, twisting it over his head as he lassoed JG in for him to stop. Once he had the grip, he grasped Manson’s reins. There you go, girl…” He patted her softly before giving the male horse some love.  “Ah JG, I know you miss ‘im.”

Duncan stopped himself for a moment, thinking of the last time Dolby rode JG before the accident. They took a trip down here together, just as they always did to have a late afternoon moment away from the house and hired hands.

When they came out to the open lands of Tate’s trail, they had no worries. All they relied on was each other.

“Someday,” he whispered, “I’ll have to bring him out here again. Just ‘cause he can’t walk, don’t mean he can’t enjoy the outdoors.”

He gave Manson a tug while taking off his hat. Duncan took a whiff of the morning air. “Sure do miss those wild romps! We’ll hafta see if we can recreate that again.”


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