Thursday Thoughts – Doing the Nano!

Thursday Thoughts

Nanoing AGAIN!

Good morning! It’s October 25th and almost time for that event authors and people who just love to write, participate in an all world challenge! Writing 50,000 in one month, yep ONE MONTH! It’s called NanoWrimo!

I’m sure you’ve seen people talk about it and wonder, what the hell does that mean? 50K in one month? You can’t be serious, oh but it is. So serious, Nanowers get together for write-ins across the world, where authors get together and sprint trying to encourage one another to the finish line.

Is it a huge deal if you don’t make it? No, it’s not but it’s nice to know when you’ve finished something you started. And for some, they take those novels they’ve written and publish them. Hopefully they’ve allowed an editor to look at it beforehand. *grins*

I’ve done the Nano since I started writing professionally in 2010. In 2010, Michael and I wrote African Sun, my m/f romantic suspense that ended up being a little over 70k. It’s in the works to be published at some point but I haven’t passed it on to my publisher.

In 2011, Michael and I did Closely Guarded, my m/m action suspense novel. I didn’t finish Nano last year, only ended up with about 33k but I was proud I attempted it. If you’ve been following, I just finished this book and now I’m editing it in hopes of submitting to a publisher to be released next year.

This year Michael and I are getting together again but BLMorticia is joining us. Yep, that’s right, I’m going to try writing two books. Michael and I will do Under the Gun, Hardy and Day book two and BL and I will try to attempt You Don’t Ask Two the Aftermath. My plan is to spend 12 days with Michael’s then the rest of the month on BL’s. The Goal? Well besides the overall which is to write 50k, the other is to have two finished books by November 30th!

Wow, you say. How will that happen?

Well, Michael has done a post on what he thinks you need to do as a Nano-er to succeed. *smirks* Yeah the muse knows it all, doesn’t he? However, the key is to keep chugging along during that month, making the daily word count of 1667 words typed a day. When you break it down it doesn’t seem like a lot at all does it? Still, it’s harder than you think, especially when you have family, a job outside the home, etc.

Luckily, hubby has seen me do this for the last couple of years and knows I’ll be stressing about making the daily count. As I’ve done in non Nano months, I’ve talked my stories out with him, did the research on my own and even asked fellow authors about the subjects I’ve tackled. The key is to stay focused, don’t get discouraged, and not worry about serious editing until after it’s over.

When I attempted last year, I left Closely Guarded alone till I picked it up again in June to finish. The year before, I didn’t even read over AS until months later, only to figure out the book had a whole series waiting on it. The lesson? Don’t get all caught up in your errors. You know when you write they’ll be mistakes but stay on course to finish.

Hopefully you’ll be one of those that makes it but if you don’t, no worries. At least you tried. Many don’t even try it and get overly concerned with that big number.

Why do it? It’s just fun and if you reach the goal, it’s nice to know you’ve accomlished something worthwhile. I know that’s my reason behind taking the time to sit down and pen 50k. As long as I have the will to write, I’ll be doing it every year!

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