Saturday Sips – I Dream of Dalian

   Mornin! Since its Halloween party weekend, lets revisit my short hetero from last years Halloween anthology from NNP! I Dream of Dalian. Have a look!

Overall Blurb: A Halloween party turns into a very unusual night; a ghost whose sexual needs prevent her from passing over to the other side; a chance encounter at a mistaken location leads to many desires being fulfilled; and unusual alien and human sexual experience, in the name of research; and so much more in this kinky themed Halloween Anthology.

Open up your mind, free your inhibitions and get ready for A Wicked & Wanton All Hallows Eve!

Eight naughty Halloween-themed erotic short stories to tantalize and tease the senses while giving readers a little taste of the experimental worlds of sensually exciting tricks or treats.

I Dream of Dalian: Narni is dreaming of her favorite singer after a hard days work. She is due to see him perform tonight and decides to take a nap to be fresh. Instead of a peaceful sleep, she is transported into a lovely nightmare, one she might not want to wake from.


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Sighing, she reached forward, turned the lever off, and stepped out the tub. Two orgasms in a row had to mean she was ready for sleep. With that, she dried herself completely, rubbing lotion all over her body before she retreated to bed. “This time, I’m sleeping!” Narni set her iPod alarm to wake her at 9:30. Again, she positioned the earphones on her head and drifted off into a sound sleep.


In moments, she squirmed. Dalian’s voice wailing again, this time to the tune, 2 is Better than One. Visions of his tall and muscular frame filled her thoughts. His piercing green orbs were catlike but his body wasn’t anything like a feline. The long jet black hair that reached the lower extremities of his back, tattoos that brought color to his pale white skin. Scrumptious was the best way to describe Dalian and all she ever wanted was to be in his arms. His clothing, totally unlike any vamp or Goth, more like a militant, which made him even sexier. She pictured his familiar skin tight shirt in black that hugged his strong chest and outlined his pecs as well as his six pack abs. His pants of the same hue bagged only at his thighs and legs. As always, Doc Martens were his footwear of choice and this, she imagined, covered the largest feet she’d ever seen.


“Mmm…” she smiled to herself, hugging herself, again, lost in her own thoughts. She reluctantly opened her eyes. Seemingly, she saw nothing but fog for a moment then after she rubbed them, there he was standing at the end of her bed. “What…whoa…” She covered her brown curvy body with the sheet. Her eyes widened. “This is a dream…only…”


“No,” he managed a throaty growl. “It is your destiny, Narni. Come with me, please.” He held out his large pale hand with a wry smile.


She shook her head, knowing she had to be seeing things. No way was he there, asking for her to come with him. She trembled and pinched herself, unable to wake from the dream. Narni panicked. “I’m fuckin’ dreaming! I’m not…”


“Come!” Dalian strolled to the side of the bed. He touched her head and stroked her long black curls while twisting them around his fingertips. “You asked for me and I am here to take you there.”


The feeling of his touch made her instantly wet. She shuddered, clenched the bedcovers tighter, and closed her eyes tightly. Narni was positive this was a figment of her over active imagination.


Might as well play along.


What did she have to lose? She wouldn’t be leaving for another two hours. Why not indulge in those fantasies before the show. She lifted her lids and he was still there. “Okay, where is there?”


His green eyes softened. “To the place the dark angels play, my love. Then we will proceed to the concert hall.” Dalian continued his affections, lifting her chin with his other hand. “You requested this and I am only bringing it to you as you asked.” In one motion, he stripped the sheet away from her chest and suffocated her with his gaze. Strong hands moved from her head down to her breasts, cupping them and squeezing firmly. “Scrumptious…” he hissed, opening his mouth wide, showing the not so white fangs.


Narni trembled a little and watched her desired man display the hunger. “I…we…”


“Yes…” he continued and dragged his fingers down to her stomach. “Before we go…perhaps…” The tips traced the outline of her navel, making her gasp. “I…” Again her voice trailed off. She was enjoying this way too fucking much. A figment of her subconscious, pleasuring her. This had to stop now right?


No. Are you getting any?


The battle raged on in her mind. “You…”


“Yes…” The only word he spoke. Her desired slid his fingertip from the edge of her bellybutton, toying with the small ring. Narni murmured something inaudible and bit her lip. Once he lowered himself to face her mound, he stopped there, and looked back up at her light brown eyes. “I need you Narni.” In a flash, his clothes fell and he was naked in front of her. Dalian slipped into the bed, grasping her head tightly and massaged her long locks. “Now, Narni, be mine,” he growled. He pulled her into him, turning her head to the right. Dalian traced her neck with his tongue. Light kisses and pecks followed; his freehand travelled freely and cupped her shaved pussy while his fingers dipped inside her moist sex.


“God…yesss…” Again, she closed her eyes. The scent of him, cologne mixed with natural scent drove her wild. The pleasure from his mouth and fingers drove her to the edge of ecstasy. She spread her legs wide. Narni writhed uncontrollably as the juices of her desire flooded her sheets once more.


“So wet, my dark princess. Now, you are ready!” Dalian opened his mouth wide and clenched her flesh between his teeth, tearing her skin.

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