Nathan and Bryant’s Xmas Story!



Whew, I need a drink!

Nathan and Bryant’s story is done for now. Might need some tweaks but the general idea is done.

It’s a snarky Xmas tale with humor and some hot love between my two fave characters.

Shar and I reached the goal to get it done in one day.

Here’s a sneak peek!


In the Ellerby Duncan household, retired Lieutenant Bryant Duncan placed the last few red ornaments on the white Christmas tree while his husband to be worked on an important project with his manager. Donnie Hathaway singing This Christmas was on loop and smells of Bryant’s sugar cookies baking on the oven filled the air.


“And this Christmas will be…” Bryant sang with a smile when he stepped back to admire his handiwork.  He’d been working on the trimmings of the tree for over an hour. “Nathan?” Lieutenant Bryant Duncan called his lover. “Babe? Come put the star on the tree with me.”


“Hmm? Really? Right now, Lieutenant? I’m still talkin’ to Fali,” Nathan responded.


“Ugh!” In disgust, he frowned and tossed the star back in the box. Nathan’s conversation with his needy friend and manager had been going on for nearly three hours. To pry Nathan away, he’d always have to take drastic measures. Ready to do battle, he rolled up his sleeves and went to the next room. “Nathan? I’m comin’ for ya’!”


On his way, he passed through their long hallway to Nathan’s workspace which he spent the majority of his time in when alone. Bryant loved this time of year, taking the time to put up the red and green garland around the doorways as well as the windows. He wrapped white lights around the railings from the top all the way to the bottom of the staircase and did the majority of work on the tree alone. Seemingly, his lover wasn’t into the Christmas spirit like he was. Who doesn’t like Christmas other than scrooges and people who work in retail? Bryant knew he had to find out what bugged his lover about the holiday.


“Yeah, I know right? That girl has issues, I tell ya.” Nathan kept talking with Fali, not noticing his lover coming from behind.


Bryant wrapped his arms around Nathan’s slender waist and covered his face and neck with tender kisses. He buried his nose into Nathan’s neck and lightly bit the side of his throat while pushing the head of his erection into his lover’s thigh. “Get off the phone,” Bryant whispered in his ear, inhaling the strong scent of Eternity for men. Just the smell of it made Bryant hard and even though he had plans for today he couldn’t wait to make love.


“Mhmm…oohh Bryant. Okay, okay, I’ll come put up the star with ya’ honey. Oh Jesus! Calm down, baby!”


“Hi Bryant!” Fali’s nasally squeal come from the receiver making Bryant wince. Fali always seemed to call at the most un-opportune times.


“Hey Fali. Could you go back to your own life and leave my man be for the holidays? You guys are comin’ for Mardi Gras so we’ll be seein’ plenty of you then.” Bryant rubbed his man’s middle and dropped his hands down to Nathan’s crotch.


“Damn Bryant! You’re bossy!” Fali sounded perturbed.


“I am, especially when it comes to infringing on my family time. Now get off the phone will ya?”


Nathan nudged him in the ribs and Bryant exhaled sharply. “Sorry Fali, the Lieutenant said I must go right now! I’m under strict orders!” Nathan rolled his eyes and leaned back on Bryant’s chest.


“Alright then. I’ll talk to you…”


After Christmas, Fali.” Bryant cut him off. “You and your bro have a happy holiday!”

*** Look for it to be a free read on here, All Romance, and Smashwords right after ML2 comes out!

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