Metalrotica is HERE!




Greetings fans!

Heavy metalers and readers of erotica, I present the Metalrotica series!

I think you’ve heard me mention the Wretched which is my fictional band I created after more than a few drinks and a hot night in the hay. Whew!


Yeah, it’s based on the wicked gals take on the world of heavy metal with a focus on the passion for music, sex, and the lifestyle.

Wanna know more? 

You must visit the Metalrotica page which officially opened at 12:00am today!

Yes, we did it all on the lucky 12/12/12 day, a trailer, a press release, the website and the official twitter for narrator and bass man Corey Patrick.

Click here for his Twitter and follow him.

Metalrotica the series will begin with the Wretched volumes in the final week of January 2013.

No worries, I still have books coming out that won’t be part of this but just so you know, it shall be my focus!

Give it a look and make sure you read the teaser!

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