New Contracted Series with Rebel to Start in April!

A homosexual couple sleeping in the bed



Hey peeps! I’m so excited because I signed a new contract with Rebel for a series to start in April. 

Recall the story, Prince and the Penis that was in the Rebel Halloween antho in 2011?

Well, that story will be part of a series I’m going to do every other month on even months called Queer Fables. 

It’s a series of shorts based on old fables or fairy tales with an m/m twist. 

All covers will use the same image up above regardless of the characters so you’ll be able to follow them on every even month. 

Cool right?

So Wretched on the odd months, Queer Fables on the even months. 


Busy, busy, busy… 

I don’t know how Shar does it. 

We muses are slave drivers!

Look for the Prince and the Penis to be the first story in April! WOOT

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