Cade and Bobby come to life in One Helluva First Date

Gay couple

Evening folks.

Well, we finally got the anthology Only THAT Night up for sale.

Bobby and Cade’s story, One Helluva First Date is only the beginning of my gay romance between a retired footballer and a closeted cowboy.

I need a title for the full blown version whenever this gets done. I’m pretty sure this pic will be the cover since the image spurred the story on.

Any ideas?

Here are the links to the antho




One Helluva First Date Blurb: Bobby Leslie has returned home to Amarillo only to meet up with the man he’s loved for over a decade, Cade Spencer. Their first meeting isn’t exactly what either of them had in mind.

At a welcome home party in a tiny apartment in Amarillo, Cade stumbled backwards from the table with an empty glass in hand. Circles of all colors appeared before his eyes as he attempted to blink back memories of six wasted months with a man who didn’t want to stay closeted. Shit! Shouldn’t have had that last one! His friend Mike warned him about having too much champagne but hey, he wanted to have some fun and forget about his ex, Jesse.  Besides, all that waited him at home was a cold bed and his daddy wanting him to do the morning chores.

I’ll be payin for this in the mornin!

The occasion was supposed to be a happy one with Bobby Leslie, local football star coming back to Amarillo after his retirement from the NFL. Instead it was Cade’s way of getting over his broken heart.

“Whoa there hunny, where you off to?”

A firm hand caught his backside, keeping him from falling onto the hardwood floors. Cade grasped the broad shoulder of his longtime crush, the man of honor himself, Bobby Leslie. Quickly, the bile rose in his throat. Cade swallowed hard to keep from upchucking on this man and embarrassing the hell out of himself.

“Uh, need to go to the john, Bobby,” Cade let out quickly, attempting to keep his stomach from erupting. Inhaling Bobby’s strong scent, he lay on his shoulder, feeling woozier than before.

“I’ll help ya’. Don’t think your sweet ass will make it that far.” Bobby threw his beer can into a nearby garbage basket.

Cade only nodded, hating himself for getting this drunk in front of Bobby. He’d loved this man for the better part of ten years. All through high school and college until he dropped out to help his daddy with the ranch. He never had the nerve to say a thing and now, here was his chance and damnit, he’d be lucky to get a fucking word out with the champagne making its way up his throat.


“Looks like you gonna blow any minute now, Cade.”


Bobby’s southern accent rang in Cade’s ears. God he loved that taut and tanned body, the azure blue eyes that resembled the Pacific. The man was sex on a stick.

Cade wanted to be fucked by him six ways to Sunday but didn’t have the balls to tell him.


“Hold on now, babe. We’re almost there then you can puke your little guts out!” Bobby assisted him all the way to the toilet and guided his head over the bowl.

Cade dropped to his knees and promptly hurled. His stomach did flips, erupting like a volcano.

“Damn, sugah! Too much of that cheap shit!” Bobby softly rubbed his head, tangling his long fingers in Cade’s curls.

Cade stopped for a moment and closed his eyes, wishing he’d heeded Mike’s warning. He relaxed under his touch and sighed deeply. What an embarrassing time for him right now.

I wonder would he still like to go out with me?

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