Flashback Friday – The Wretched Tales


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Welcome to Flashback Friday.

Today’s flashback focuses on my series, The Wretched.

1.2 was just released the end of March.

In this one, Corey’s story continues with him in quite an interesting situation.

Two women want to bed him, twins in fact but he likes a certain journalist a lot more.

Don’t forget he’s a pansexual!

How will he handle it? Check out this excerpt!

BTW, For this week only you can get Wretched 1.1 and 2 free at All Romance!


Blurb: Corey’s story continues with women throwing themselves at him, trying to get a piece. Will Corey get his hetero on to save face? Either way, the show must go on!

Resolved to my fate, I went on and took a seat next to Lefty who immediately started licking my ear and whispering dirty things to me. I tried my best not to succumb to her feminine wiles. The hot, bad breath made my eyes tear up, but I closed them and took a deep breath to combat the stench. Despite the horrid odor, there were two warm bodies surrounding me and what kind of man would turn an opportunity like this down?  No question I needed to fuck or be fucked, and though Lefty wasn’t what I ultimately wanted, I couldn’t turn her or her twin away.

Seemingly turned by the display, the other men in the room roared and looked on, especially Nicholai who still had hot ass Renee’ on his arm.

Too bad that isn’t what’s talking dirty to me right now.


“Enjoy it while you’re young Corey. These young hoes not gonna want you when you’re old and broke,” Renee’ snorted and swatted Nicholai’s hand off her hip.


Lefty hissed at Renee. Her twin sister Righty yanked her black spandex top down to give me a better view of her best assets. Thank God her breath didn’t reek, so I shifted in her direction instead.

“You ready for us, baby? We been eyeing your fine ass all night!” She toyed with her nipples, pinching and tugging at them, making me yearn for some milk.

“Um… yeah sure am.” Quickly I turned on the rock star persona and played with the gal’s gorgeous rack. My cock stood at attention, and suddenly I sensed a leak in my trousers. To keep the show going, I roughly grabbed Righty’s blonde locks and forced my tongue down her throat, invoking whistles from the others in the room.

“Go for it Corey and don’t forget to wear one of these!” Bryan Taylor, the drummer passed by and threw something small and cold in my lap.

Immediately my eyes flung open, and I broke the embrace with Righty only to notice two condoms in my lap. “Oh yeah, gonna need these for sure. Thanks bro!” Good man that Bryan.

Who knows who and how many these two been fooling around with. No one could ever tell, and I wasn’t about to catch anything to find out. “Let’s go ladies. I’m not into having sex for an audience.” That was a lie. I actually loved it, but I wouldn’t with these two to satisfy anyone else in the room. Taking both their hands into mine, I got up from the couch and nodded at everyone cheering me on while I waded through the crowd to get to a quiet place to get my freak on. Although it wasn’t Deborah, it was some kind of human stimulation.

Just when I made it to the other rooms door with both ladies on my arms, out the corner of my eye I noticed Deborah being propositioned by Wayne, the lead singer of Omerta.

Get off my girl!


Jealous, I saw red and grit my teeth, looking at her, smiling in his direction. She giggled with Wayne while I suffered with these two blonde chicks at my side. Yes,  I did say suffer. Didn’t I tell you I wasn’t attracted to pale blonds?

I hoped she’d remember what I told her and not bother giving Wayne the time of day. Still, I couldn’t honestly expect her to turn him down, could I? I mean, we did just meet less than two hours ago. And just because I passed her the digits didn’t mean we were dating or going steady.

Upon peeping that, I started having second thoughts about doing the deed with the busty twins. Damn I need a drink! Right now I needed more than just a lay when I noticed Wayne hanging with the woman I wanted to spend some time with. My mind raced, and eyes darted from side to side as I came up with excuses. Isn’t bus call at two a.m? How the hell would I do two broads before the bus call?


In moments, our tour manager Dave stepped in with a can of Pabst in his hand and a cigarette hanging helplessly from his mouth. “Hey dudes, they say we can lay over if we want. So have a good time, gents! We’ll leave at six a.m. sharp!”

That news came with cheers from everyone, and I sighed heavily knowing I had to go through with this wicked tryst. No way I’d be able to get away from these two and back to Deborah without scrutiny.

Attempting to compose myself, I forced myself to look away and allowed Lefty and Righty to go in before me with my fan club still cheering me on. “See you all in a bit!” I closed the door and locked it tightly. I didn’t want anyone to witness me with these two bitches, especially not Deborah who I genuinely wanted on my arm much later on.

I laid against the door, latex in hand and ready to screw around.

I can do this! I’m only doing it to keep the guys off my back.


Preparing for my moment, I moistened my lips and eyes narrowed while I glanced at the two chicks already undressed and waited for me on the leather couch. Obviously this place knew how to treat a world class band, giving us a fucking room, complete with a sofa bed, a fireplace, and a wet bar ready with every libation known on the planet.

Raring to go, I pushed myself off the door and dove head first in between the ladies, stripping off my shirt as I made myself comfortable. Lefty took it upon herself to assist me with my trousers, quickly unbuttoning them and shoving them off while Righty lifted off my combat boots and tossed them aside.

“Ooh what big feet you got Corey. Means you’re packing something huge! Wow.” Righty ogled my equipment and immediately went to work, sucking on the head while Lefty nibbled on my earlobe and forced her sister’s head down on my cock.

“Shit!” Completely aroused, I placed my hands in the back of my head and crossed my feet to relax. I closed my eyes, enjoying the stimulation of my dick and balls, thinking of Deborah and Renee’ double teaming me instead of the blondie twins. What I wouldn’t give for those two to join me in bed right now? That would be my idea of heaven.

“Mhmm, Corey… Corey, you like what we’re doing, huh?”

Lefty’s voice disturbed me from my dream. Annoyed, I pushed her head down into my lap so she could join her sister in giving me head. “Suck my balls, right now, woman!” My flawed attempt at sounding like the asshole rock star. Note, I don’t treat real women this way, only whores I didn’t have any respect for.

Trying to get back to my vision, I relaxed and clenched the sheets under my fingernails when I felt the pressure mounting on my balls. “Mmmphh…” The pleasure of two mouths on me I couldn’t ignore even if they weren’t necessarily the ones I wanted. The more they sucked, the more I needed to feel my dick engulfed by flesh. Since Righty smelled better, I pulled her off my dick and shared some of my own pre-cum juices with her.

“Ready for me, girl? You’d like that fat cock in your ass won’t ya?” I pulled Lefty’s head up with one hand while the other handed her sister a condom. “Get me ready, will ya? Need to feel that ass on my dick, baby!” Once I said that, I pulled her in for a kiss.

“Ooh Corey, your lips are amazing!” Righty tore the foil off while Lefty toyed with my nipples, twisting them like knobs on a radio. She tried to kiss me, but I turned my head just in time to avoid it.

“I want a kiss too,” she whined, but I shook my head no.

“Nah. Kissing your sister is good enough for me.” I didn’t have the heart to be that mean and tell her she had awful breath. I may be a mean SOB but not that inconsiderate. “Get some drinks from the cabinet, will you? I’m thirsty, and you should be too!” Perhaps some alcohol will get rid of the foul mouth. She did as she was told while Righty sheathed my cock.

“I’m ready,” she smiled and lifted her ass over the head of my dick. I could’ve went for some of her pussy too, but right now, ass action was what I ultimately desired.

“Good. Sit your pretty butt down, honey. Let me feel your heat, girl.” Excited to have sex, I pushed her down until my entire length filled her to the brim. Tight, just the way I like it. Looking at the two of them, I knew this was the correct move. Obviously, these females been around the block more than once. Surely the other hole would’ve felt like my dick was wrapped in a wet dish rag.

“Damn girl…” My mouth formed into the shape of an “O” while I thrust my dick into her tight pucker. The more pressure on my groin, the more I wanted to explode so I could satisfy the woman. After all, I had an image to build as the new guy. I couldn’t be known as the limp-dicked bass player. That wouldn’t go over well in groupie circles and would most likely ruin my chance for a cover when I wanted to have some fun with men.

“Yes Corey!” She tossed her head back and fondled those perky tits again while her sister looked on with the bottle of Jack in hand.

“I wanna play too,” she pouted and slammed everything down on the side table.

“Quit your whining, girl! Ugh… there’s enough to go…” Struggling to keep my cool, I clenched my teeth, closed my eyes, and slapped Righty’s ass as she rode me like a bucking bronco. Her blonde hair flew all over her head while I pushed into her in rhythm. In moments, I filled the barrier between us with my seed and immediately shoved her off to catch my breath. “Good show, baby.” As I tried to regulate my breathing, I caught her sister’s gaze and licked my tongue out at her in jest. “And you, Miss… um… yeah, you. Why don’t you grab a towel for me and your sister? Now, now…” I clapped my hands together and sent her off, pointing towards the bathroom. Did I want to be mean, not really but no way was this foul smelling bitch getting anywhere near my cock unless she was sucking it.

“Damn Corey… I…” Her sister climbed up my body and shared a kiss with me that caused my dick to jolt. “You’re real good, baby. Can we exchange phone numbers? I can be your regular lay here in Chi-Town,” she winked.

I thought a moment and resolved my number was only for women I intend to have something serious with. Yeah pussy on call would’ve been nice but not with this one or her sister. “No thanks, babe. I don’t give my number out to just anyone. If I need you, I’ll find your ass easy. Surely the roadies got your digits on speed dial,” I chuckled. “If not, just come to the show and the tour manager will give you the appropriate pass to get in. Got it?”

Righty pouted just like her sister but laid on my shoulder anyway trying to cuddle. Instead, I shrugged her off and reached for the bottle her sister brought over minutes earlier. Besides, I wouldn’t be sharing any kind of moment like that with this woman. The lovey dovey was only reserved for women like Deborah. Real women I had respect for.

Wanting a swig, I glanced at the price a moment. Forty-Eight dollars? The tour manager will cover it! Lefty came back with the wet towel, and I opened the Jack with no problem.

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