Wednesday Briefs #29



Good morning folks!

Michael is letting me host the Wed Briefs this morning since he’s doing the hop.

Besides, I’m writing it and wow do I love this story line!

For those who don’t know about the briefs, there’s a group of authors who do flashes or chapters based in prompts.

This week the prompts are:

“If life hands you a lemon, make…” or use Vivaldi’s Four seasons in some way or “What do you think you’re doing?” or use: hat, encyclopedia, rhythm or have a character that says no but really means yes or use “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” or include a tuba player in your story or a marathon  or use a sorbet in an interesting manner.

I picked, Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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Now here’s this weeks passage.

“Nicholas…Nicholas… where did you go? I’ve been calling you for the last couple of minutes.” Bryant used his freehand to grab mine, jolting me from my lust filled haze. His hand, so soft and warm, sent tingles down my spine. Aroused, I gulped hard and glanced into those beautiful wild brown eyes, seeing the love there, entranced by his gaze.


“I…I’m sorry.” Quickly, I shifted my body in the other direction. If we would’ve kept looking at one another like that I would’ve done something to really upset my present lover. Although I loved Bryant, I couldn’t just accept him back into my life when Jonas had been my everything for a year. “Look Bryant, as much as I care for you…”


“You love me,” he interjected. Bryant gripped my hand tighter and toyed with my fingers.


Immediately, adrenaline shocks went straight to my erogenous zones, especially my cock which enjoyed the attention most. “I do but I love Jonas as well, very much. He may be a hot head…”


“More like a maniac,” he interrupted and pulled me back around to face him. “How do you put up with such a temper?”


Yes how do I?


I moved to the right slightly so we wouldn’t be so close. “It’s part of his charm, Bryant. He’s half-cocked and loaded all the time, ready to strike when needed. His persona mimicks his job.”


“Which is?”


“A fireman,” I answered with a chuckle. He’s a fiery personality who saves lives without fear. There have been a couple of times that he’s risked his life to save those of others because of his quick thinking and no fear attitude.”


“And I’m sure he’s had to think before acting too or he’d put his life or others in danger. Jonas came at me without even knowing all the facts.” Bryant pinched the bridge of his nose again.


“True but, that’s when he’s fighting fires. Every other time, Jonas acts before thinking. Sometimes it’s an enduring quality and others, it causes a lot of problems but…” I stopped before forgetting what I was about to tell him. “Nevermind that Bryant. What I wanted to say was you can’t just come in here demanding us to be back together. You’ve been gone for so long and…”


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Nicholas.” Bryant cupped my chin in his palm and lightly kissed my lips.


Heat rushed from my face to my groin, making me desire this man. The man I’d always love regardless of the situation. Still, I had to keep my focus on what I was trying to say. “I know and my heart has never stopped loving you.” The moment I finished the sentence, I gasped and covered my mouth.


“Exactly.” Bryant flashed that sexy smile and moved in closer to me, slinking his long arm around my shoulder. “And I haven’t stopped loving you either. I left this place so I could start my company and…” Bryant looked away a moment and sighed, “And you chose to not come with me because you were afraid of the city with big shoulders.”


“Still am,” I responded but couldn’t seem to pull myself away from his clutches. “I love the small town feel of the suburbs. Far away from the city far away from…”


“What happened so long ago… yes I know Nicholas. I didn’t want to bring it up but, just know that I never truly left you, only this small little town for a better opportunity. I told you I’d come back.”


“Yes you did but things are way different now Bryant. I have a lover, you have a child to take care of…”


“Yes, all of that’s true but…one thing will never change, Nicholas and that’s the feelings we’ve always had for one another.”

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed. Oh I see the devilish plot bunny running in my brain for this one.

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4 responses to “Wednesday Briefs #29

  1. Way to thicken the plot. 🙂 It’ll be interesting to watch Nicholas work through his feelings for both men and how he reaches a decision.

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