Wednesday Briefs #31


Well, here I am again with the Wednesday Briefs!

This weeks prompts are:

“You can’t always get what you want…” or use a birthday cake or have a scene in a fast food restaurant or use: goat, hanger, whisper or “I thought that you loved me until you said…” or “I spy with my little eye…” or use socks in a fun way or introduce a new character who is a model

Once again, I’m writing Jonas, Bryant, and Nicholas!

These 3 really want a book!


You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Knowing that Jonas would be returning at any moment, I literally pushed Bryant out the door, telling him to come back later. I told him I’d keep the baby just because she was asleep and anyway, she wasn’t the one annoying me by hitting on me, Bryant was.

Okay really, he wasn’t bothering me with that. Actually, I liked it way too fucking much and needed to get him out the door before I jumped his bones right on this couch. All the noises we’d make, the thumping, the cursing aloud? Yep, that would wake up Macy in a hurry and since I’m not really a man that likes to be quiet when I fuck, I figured he should leave as soon as possible. Besides, the moment we started, Jonas would most likely walk in. How the hell would I explain me being on the couch with my ex, butt naked? I wouldn’t. So better to piss off the former than the current.

No question, Bryant’s touches and flirtations rattled me so I decided to pick up a great romance novel, a glass of Scotch, and prop my feet up to relax. None of this would cure the hard on I had right now but then again, you can’t always get what you want when you want it. In my case, this was sex. Damn I needed some and hoped Jonas really was on his way back. I did ask Bryant to stay close so when little Macy did yawn and want her daddy, he’d be able to swing by and get her.

With my e-reader in one hand and the liquor in the other, I settled in my favorite chair near the window of my apartment. This was what I loved most about being in the suburbs. The gorgeous backdrop of nothing but open fields of green grass for the children to play in when they returned from school.  The neighbor’s houses being so far apart and not scrunched together like they are in the big city. The sun shining over tall trees and very little traffic on the streets outside. Yeah, I loved that about this tiny little suburb called Berkley Illinois. And here I had it perfect. An apartment, in a building with only 5 other tenants that I shared with my current love, Jonas Sandbauck, local firefighter and all around American boy.

“Nickie?”  The door shut quickly and his large footsteps came closer. Just as I suspected, Jonas would return the minute I tried to relax.

“I’m over here, babe.”  I turned off my reader, knowing none of this new book I’d just started would be read right now. Quickly, I gulped my Scotch, enjoying the slow burn in my chest while I kept my feet up on the ottoman.

“Hey sexy man. You still with me? Huh? You don’t wanna run off with that stuffy old ex of yours, do ya?” Jonas moved my feet and sat on the ottoman, placing my size eights in his lap. Lightly, he massaged them, taking each one of my toes into his mouth, sucking them as if they were my dick.

“Mhmm…” Damn that would make things stir up again in a hurry. My cock strained against the zipper and my nipples peebled under my t-shirt. “No, I told you, I’m not going anywhere and I still care for that stuffy ex which is why I wish you wouldn’t have went off like that, half –cocked.”

“I’m sorry baby. You know I’m the jealous type! You’re right I should’ve waited for him to explain before I attacked him.” Jonas blue gaze met mine while he continued to suck on each toe.

“Oh damn, okay…whew. I forgive you but you gotta stop that. The baby is still here sleeping.” I moved my legs from his lap and straightened in my recliner, squeezing my thighs together to relieve some of the pressure on my groin. Too bad I couldn’t be silent enough for us to make love right now.

“Jeezus, Nickie, I really wanted to have sex, babe. You know this is one of my few off days I get to spend with ya. I wanted to let off some steam.” Jonas stood up and lifted me from my chair. Once he sat back down, he put me on his lap, holding me close to him.

Wanting to feel his warmth, I leaned against his chest, tracing his abs through the tight t-shirt he was wearing. God was my man impressive; so fucking fine, six feet plus, all muscle with blue eyes, a military style haircut, and a chiseled face. When we walk down the street together in this small town, so many people give us the eye because they know I’m walking with a literal Greek God. I only smile because I know they’re admiring my man for the hunk he truly is.

“Stop that,” he squirmed away and gently planted a peck on my head. “I wanna make love and you’re doing this to me right now? Don’t fucking tease me Nickie. I’m too amped and revved right now to play games.”


Ooh I love that.


Yes I truly did love when he was full of adrenaline and ready to go which meant he could go for an hour plus before tiring. Such stamina for this former Marine who served our country in Afghanistan.

Besides Bryant, Jonas was the only other man who made me feel special when we made love. Too bad my favorite men wouldn’t be interested in making a family with little Macy. Ah well, a man is allowed to have fantasies right?

Just as the Rolling Stones said, you really can’t always get what you want!

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed

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