Wednesday Briefs #32


I’m flashing again! Woot.

Jonas, Bryant, and Nicky won’t leave me be.

Here are the prompts this week: “The game is afoot!” or “Feet don’t fail me now” or a feat of strength or alligator, clip, residue or use a storm in some way or “You are the wind beneath my wings” or “Come sail away” or “Please pass the …” or find a creative use for mayonnaise or make a My Favorite Martian reference.

The one I picked was a storm. I had options to go harder and grittier but I had to go light after reading the last part:

The storm…

Not able to have sex, Jonas and I curled up together in the Lazy Boy, fighting off sleep. Outside our window, the branches tapped on the glass when the intense wind blew the trees outside. Lightning bolts lit up the skies along with thunder that shook the ground around us.

“Damn, seems like a bad one comin, babe.” Jonas shifted in the chair, raking my hair with his fingers. “It’s a wonder how that baby could sleep through all this noise.”

At the close of his sentence, another loud boom from outside and seemingly on cue, Macy’s cries sounded from the other room.

“Well, she’s awake now!” I got up from his lap and sprinted to the bedroom with Jonas close on my heels. Once I got to the door, I opened it slowly and looked in, watching the beautiful coffee colored infant kick her legs, wanting to be swaddled. “Shhh… oh baby. No worries, Nicky’s here now.” Carefully, I picked her up in my arms, cradling her close to my chest. Instantly, she started cooing and responded to my warmth, stretching her little hands out and clawing my shirt.

“Awww… Nicky you’re so good at this. Maybe I do change my mind about having a critter.” Jonas hugged me from behind and planted a light kiss on my cheek.

“Oh hush. I’m trying to calm her down. I wonder does she want a bottle.” I pressed my lips to her head and looked at the clock on the wall, trying to discern if she was hungry. After all, she’d been sleeping for almost three hours, even through the argument earlier which surprised me in itself. “You hungry little one? I think you do want something to eat.”

“You want me to go get it, babe while you sit in here and make her comfortable?”

“Would you, Jonas? I’ll take her in the living room though so we can cuddle up on the sofa.” We shared a quick smooch and he left out the room on his way to the kitchen. “Jonas, run it under water, don’t put it in the microwave.”

I walked in just before he was about to put the bottle in the microwave. “Jonas? Really?”

Embarrassed, my tall lug took it out and put it in a cup, under the hot water. “Sorry. I don’t know a thing about babies.”

“Well damn honey, I mean, you should know microwave bottles would be too hot.” I smirked at him and sat on the couch, soothing the young child I pretty much considered to be my own.

“Honestly I had no idea!” Jonas took the bottle out from under the running water.

“Shake some on your wrist, love. That way you’ll know if it’s too hot or not.” I rocked Macy from side to side and murmured sweet little words to her.

“Okay…um…” Jonas did that and winced from milk hitting his skin. “Might be a little too hot for her. I’ll hold it a few minutes.”

“Okay then.” I watched him from the couch, holding on to the bottle, looking at it from all angles. Jonas looked so adorable holding it, actually not moving the whole time to make sure the baby’s bottle was safe to drink.

Before I started keeping Macy, Jonas hadn’t even mentioned having kids but now I wondered would he be open to the idea. I’d love to have one with him someday, but even more perfect, I would’ve loved keeping Macy and Bryant in my life along with him.

“Okay, I think it’s good.” Jonas repeated his earlier action and walked over with the bottle in hand. He eased down next to me, slinking his arm around my shoulders after he handed me the bottle. “You look so sexy like that, you know? I think I like the idea of you being a mother.”

“Shaddup,” I whispered, still checking the temperature of Macy’s bottle against my cheek. When I figured it was good, I adjusted her in my arms and gave her the bottle as she wanted. Little sucking noises and grunts filled the room, telling me I probably should’ve checked her diaper prior to giving her this bottle.

“No, you really do, babe. I love the way you’re taking care of the baby.”

“Yeah?” I was interested in knowing more and wondered what he’d say to my idea. At the moment, he and Bryant hated one another but knowing I’d be happier if we were a threesome, and Macy as the bonus, I thought that would ultimately change their minds. Still, it might be just too soon to talk about that. We’ve had enough of Jonas temper boiling over for one day. “What about adopting one then? Do you think I’d make a good mom?”

“Yeah I think you would babe. You’re a natural. Just look at how happy Macy is in your arms. I swear if it weren’t for her I’d have your ass bent over on the table, taking every inch of me!” Jonas giggled and kissed the side of my head.

“Cut that out. Don’t say those things in front of the baby.” I nudged him with my knee and focused back on Macy. No question I would’ve loved some sex right now especially with the rain storm outside which would’ve made a very romantic backdrop. Although I was horny as hell, Macy made for a welcome distraction. I loved this kid as if she were my very own and hoped her dad and my lover would come to an agreement and make us a complete family.


Lily Sawyer     

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