Wednesday Briefs #33


And again here I am with the briefs for Jonas, Bryant and Nicky

I’m just taking Michael out of it with these boys. 

They’re talking so much. Might have to write the full on this sooner than later.

Anyways, the prompts this week are:

“Ready or not, here I come…” or use first time sex between a couple or “Off with her head!” or use a French tickler or have a character ride a horse for the first time or “I never felt like that before…” or have a character create a new pet name for his or her SO or use “the winds of fortune…”


“Boo… coochie coochie coo… boo!” Jonas covered his eyes, continuing to play with Macy.

I heard the cute noises while I made a small dinner in the kitchen. Bryant called, saying he’d be by in less than an hour to pick her up. Really, I was sorry to see my little Macy go this evening but no question I wanted some time alone with my man. My pooka, I called him now. Jonas hated that pet name but I came up with that because he was Polish and it sounded like Polka. And since Polka Is Polish… voila! Don’t the two of us make quite a pairing? The Italian and the Polak. Talk about hot tempers flaring! Good thing I had mine under control most of the time since my hotheaded firefighter was constantly on ten.

“Okay…” I walked in the other room, tray in hand, setting it on the table. “Here we go, Pooka, some salami on wheat with mustard, lettuce and ketchup just the way you like it. Bleech!’ Disgusted by the mix, I made a face and sat down next to him, taking Macy out of his arms so he could enjoy his small meal.

“Ooh babe thanks and with a side of kettle chips.” Jonas immediately dug in, forgetting all about the baby once the meal arrived.

“Of course, anything for my Pooka!” I laughed and made kissy noises at him, making the baby laugh. I believe Macy thought I was talking to her.

Just as he was about to take a huge bite, he glanced at me curiously, sandwich still inches away from his mouth. “Um, you think you could come up with something else? Like Polish Dragon or serpent since my long tongue drives you wild?” He demonstrated the action, making my cock jolt in my trousers.

“Um… no, I like Pooka! Remember, sounds like Polka and you’re Polish?” I shrugged my shoulders and repeated it while moving the baby around on my lap as if I were some kind of ride at an amusement park.

“Yeah but, I’m not a fan of that. It sounds like a baby’s nickname, not a six foot three, two hundred twenty pound man, like me.” Once he finished his statement, he devoured half the sandwich in one fail swoop. The damn thing never had a chance to run way if it could. Not from Jonas with those killer jaws.

“It’s my pet name for you, though. Not like I’m going to call you that in public, Pooka. I’d never embarrass you like that.” Again, I said it to Macy and she squealed in delight when I said it over and over.

“You might slip up,” he answered with a mouth full of bread and meat. “That will be an embarrassment, babe. Besides, when we’re in bed, I don’t wanna respond to Pooka, I want you to call me, awesome lover perhaps but in Polish. Yeah now, that would make me come real quick if you spoke my language back to me.”

At mention of that, I turned my attention away from cute little Macy for a brief moment, cocking an eyebrow at him. “Um, babe. I dunno a lick of Polish. I’m Italian, remember?”

“Yeah I know but to hear you speak it would be awesome!” Quickly, he inhaled the other half of the sandwich and wiped his mouth with a napkin. “I could teach you some special words. Or yeah, you can call me that awesome lover in Italian then. Which is…” Jonas looked up at the ceiling and snapped his fingers.

Amante impressionante.” It rolled off my tongue and Jonas kissed me hard, leaving me breathless. “Babe, good Lord! You’re about to knock me over with her in my lap?”

“No… I… um… whew, I just love when you speak that to me.” Jonas got up from the sofa and ran to the window with a couple of kettle chips in hand. “Where the hell is that Bryant character anyway so we can make love! I need to be inside you something fierce, niemowlę.” (babe)

Ooh damn.

Now it was my turn to get aroused. To distract me, I looked back at Macy and made silly faces so I could hear her squeal one last time before her father got here. “So Pooka, any sign of him yet?” I teased him, knowing it made her laugh.

“Stop calling me that, Nicky!” Jonas growled at me but didn’t move from that window glass, keeping an eye out for Bryant, and seemingly hoping he’d be driving up any minute.

Although I desired to be with my lover for the evening, I’d definitely miss this little bundle that had brought me joy over the past few weeks.  Perhaps someday, I could have a little one of my own!

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed, here are the other awesome authors this week!


Cia Nordwell

MA Church 

Elyzabeth VaLey

A.R. Von

J.A. Harmon

Andrew Gordon

Renee Stevens 

Julie Lynn Hayes

One response to “Wednesday Briefs #33

  1. hmm…wondering why I’ve never seen your name on the list before when clearly, your story is very far along. I’ll have to take a look at this when I get a chance. Why is a man cooing to a baby sexy somehow? lol.

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