Wednesday Briefs #34




After a long hiatus, too long, Wednesday Briefs is back!


*throws confetti*

Okay, here is my menage a trois with Jonas, Nicky, and Bryant once again. Here are the prompts for this week

An apple a day keeps the doctor away” or “anchors aweigh” or “I want to have my way with you” or use a scale in some way or make a reference to any old TV doctor (eg Marcus Welby, Dr. Kildare, etc) or have a character break into song unexpectedly or use a horseshoe or use an unexpected flash of boobs or use a beautiful sunset/sunrise.

I’m using the prompt I want to have my way with you.

It went a little different than I thought… grrr… I need to write this book


After another half an hour, Bryant arrived with a bandage over his nose and a meal for me and Jonas in gratitude for keeping Macy. Although I wanted to spend time alone with my man, I hated to see the little bundle of joy go.

“Thanks for dinner, Bryant. We’ll eat it for a midnight snack I suppose.” I took the bag with my local favorite’s chicken salad sandwich with kettle chips. Bryant knew the Irish pub O’Malley’s made the best chicken salad in town and I was glad to have some for a bite later on.

“Oh no problem, babe. And please, take this.” Bryant gripped my shoulder and handed me an envelope that felt like it had cash in it.

“No, no, Bryant. I love watching her and I won’t take anymore money from you to do it.” I shoved the envelope back in his direction.

Bryant grabbed it and stuffed it in my jeans pocket. “I insist. If it weren’t for you no one would’ve been able to watch Macy. I’m sure you could use it, love. Maybe on some art supplies or…”

Jonas swooped in and grabbed the envelope. “Well, no, I make pretty good money but hey, I’m sure we can put it in the bank to save for our wedding day,” he winked. My man kissed my cheek and took the bag from my hands. “Babe, I’ll take this. Why don’t you go get the baby so her and her dad can be on their way?” Jonas shifted around and headed for our kitchen.

Our wedding?

When the hell did that come up? I knew we’d talked about tying the knot once Illinois passed the same sex bill but with the recent developments that might be a long time off. Lost for words, I glanced up at the ceiling then back at Bryant. I noticed him still glaring at Jonas, fuming at his statement. If looks could kill my poor Jonas would have a few knives in his back.

“Calm… calm down, Bryant. Let me go get Macy. I played with her a little bit and then she went back down for another nap.” Before he could say anything more, I left his sight and went to the spare bedroom, gently picking her up, and holding her close to my chest. “Ooh, I’ll miss you, Macy. Please convince poppa to come back soon, okay?”

More like for good?

While I grabbed her bag, I thought about my earlier desire of being in a family with Jonas, Bryant, and Macy. Sure it would raise a lot of eyebrows but who cares? I loved both men so damn much and being this close to Bryant again made it hard for me to choose. It might take me a helluva long time to convince the two of them that this is what I ultimately wanted but I was prepared to do just that. Life is just too short not to fully enjoy it the way you want and I’ll be damned if I’d let this go without at least attempting to achieve pure bliss. “Mwah.” I kissed her on the head and she cooed in response, seemingly comfortable with the fact I would be her step mother. I mean, she loved me, so did both men, why couldn’t this work? Why couldn’t have I have fucking cake and eat it too?

“So you think you’re gonna whisk him away on some dream wedding and I won’t have a thing to say about it?” Bryant’s voice boomed from the next room, meaning a heated conversation was starting.

“Yeah I do, and you ain’t stopping me.” Jonas responded and I could hear the malice in his voice. No doubt the man was ready to throw a few more punches. I rushed into the next room, quickly but carefully to tell my two imbeciles to quiet down. “Shhh… hey, you two. She just woke up, damnit.” I glared at the both of them and reluctantly handed Bryant the baby.

The moment I did, Jonas yanked me backwards, placing his meat hook over my chest. “Sorry babe. Just had to tell your…ex… about our plans.”

Bryant shook his head and pressed his lips onto Macy’s head, looking at me with a cocked eyebrow. “Well congrats… I guess. Happy for you, Nicky. You didn’t tell me you’d made any so soon.”

In reality I wanted to bust my man’s bubble and tell Bryant we’d done no such thing at length. We hadn’t even set a date yet. And after all, Jonas was the one who wanted to wait for marriage. I was perfectly okay with doing civil union but Jonas wouldn’t have it. Knowing it would start an argument and for Macy’s sake, I held back and nibbled on my lip. “I…um… yeah well. We still have more plans to make but, things are in the works.” I’d get Jonas for putting me on the spot like this. If I weren’t so horny I’d make his ass sleep on the couch.

“Well good for… you… I…” Visibly upset, Bryant seemingly couldn’t find anymore words. “I’m gonna get going. I need to get Macy home. We have a nice drive ahead of us.”

“Yeah, okay. Call me and let me know you made it home okay.” I stepped forward, out of my man’s clutches. God I wish I could hug Bryant right now because he truly looked hurt. “Um, I can walk you out so I can wave goodbye to Macy.”

Bryant nodded, “No, it’s okay. Babe. We’ve taken enough of your time away from your…” Bryant glanced at Jonas a minute then back at me. “Man.” Bryant lifted the bag from my hands. He placed Macy in the carrier and covered her with a blanket. “I’ll be in touch and thanks again.” Without saying anything more, he left out, not even bothering to look back.

Upset at this turn of events, I closed my eyes tight and tried stopping the tears from falling. To no avail. In a matter of seconds, the moisture sliding down my cheeks stung my skin like acid. Jonas’ statement about us hurt my former lover. I still adored Bryant and I would die for him if I had to. I loved him and that baby so much and damnit this episode might’ve killed any chance I had to be with him and Jonas. It seemed they really could not stand one another and now with today’s fistacuffs, they may not ever come to an agreement about anything, even if it would make me happy.

“Well now.” Jonas clap and door slam broke the silence. I heard his footsteps come closer and his big arms bind me to his body. “Now, I wanna have my way with you, like I been wanting all afternoon. Hey…wait…wh…baby, what’s wrong?”

Feeling his hands on me caused every nerve in my body to awaken. God I loved this man but right now I wanted to kick him out for hurting Bryant like he did. “Why the hell did you do that, huh? Why do you act like such an ass sometimes?” I wrestled away and spun around, running to the window just in time to see Bryant speed away.

“What d’ya mean, babes?” Jonas walked behind me and once again, placed his hands on my shoulders. He gripped them tightly and planted a kiss on the back of my neck. “How did I act like an asshole?”

“You told him about a wedding we haven’t planned yet, Jonas. Why did you…” I spit the words out as best as I could without losing my cool. God knows how much I wanted to curse Jonas out for what he’d pulled.

“Cause I needed to let the fucker know that he’s old news, that’s why,” Jonas countered. “Babe, we did talk about it a month or so ago when we thought this damn state would pass the marriage bill.”

“Yeah but you made it sound like we had a date…”

“Even though we don’t it’s a done deal, right?” Jonas turned me around with ease and I nearly fell over in a heap. He gripped my hands and brought them to his lips. Those blue eyes peered into mine, making me forget my anger and the desire to slap the shit out of him faded fast. Damn you. And I loved it when he played rough. Fuck did I love it because it fueled my libido.

“Um… I…” Why couldn’t I say no? I wanted to say, no it isn’t but those words wouldn’t come out. Yes, I wanted to be with him but I wanted us, with Bryant and Macy a lot more. “Yeah… it is but…” I stopped short, not wanting to argue. Fuck this. I just wanna make love and have him fuck me until I couldn’t walk anymore. Not knowing what else to say, I bit my lip and looked down at my feet. “Yeah it is but don’t show me off as some trophy or try to make Bryant jealous. You hurt his feelings.”

“His feelings needed to be fucking hurt!” Jonas grabbed my cheeks and pressed his lips to mine.

Nearly knocking me over, he drove me into the wall right next to the window, pinning my hands above my head. Short breaths became pants and my heart raced from the adrenaline pumping through my body. “Fuck… I swear… sometimes…”

Jonas hands roamed everywhere, tearing at my clothes, ripping buttons, zippers while he pressed his crotch against mine. He threw down my shirt and bit my lip, nearly drawing blood. A wild look in his eye. “All the time you love me baby… all the time and you know it.”

* * * *

I hope you enjoyed. Here are the other authors in this week.

Victoria Adams

A.R. Von


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  1. I’m not quite sure what to make of this threesome. The sexual tension is through the roof, yet there’s a dangerous undercurrent. This could just be hot as hell, or it could explode and hurt these men. And I don’t quite know where you’re going with it. 🙂 That’s a good thing!

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