Wednesday Briefs #35



Okay, I had to give Nicky and Jonas their love scene and this concludes their story for now. 

I have to write the damn thing… grr…

Here are the prompts today

“If you wish upon a star” and the alternate prompts are:  use pea soup in your story or have your character make some sort of comfort food or “When I’m away from you, I feel…” or use an overdue book fine at the library or  “My …. is bigger than your …” or “round and round the mulberry bush” or “She slid her thumb gently across my lips and I thought I’d melt” or have your character Google something.

“Yeah all the time… I…” Jonas was right, I did love him all the time and despite my anger against him, I couldn’t help wanting to rip his clothes off in the same manner. He’d already removed my shirt and my jeans pooled around my ankles along with my boxer briefs. The man had been relentless in his pursuit to get me naked.

Jonas knew just how much I loved a rough fuck and in my kind of mood, I didn’t mind losing my clothing in the process. Right now, I needed a release and fucking with reckless abandon was the best way to achieve it.

“I know you do!” Jonas licked the small droplets of blood from my lips and sucked them until they swelled.

“Mhmmph…” I groaned from the feeling and my aching cock wept from our exchange. Attempting to keep my climax at bay, I watched him, shoving his trousers and underwear down from his slender waist. His dick bobbed free, hitting his stomach, leaking and slightly pink. God I wanted that between my lips and would’ve gladly dropped to my knees to pleasure him but I knew I’d enjoy it better inside me. “Damn, you want me, don’t you?” I teased him, grabbing his balls, jiggling them in my hand like dice.

“Yeah I do. You see what you do to me?” Jonas swatted my hand away and pointed at his impressive erection. He stepped out his shoes, toeing his underwear and pants aside. He yanked his shirt off and threw it in the recliner. “Wanna be inside you right now, baby.” He lifted me from the floor, carrying me to the sofa nearby.

“You’re such a fucking Neanderthal!” I held onto his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his body, binding him to me. I rubbed my nose against his neck, nuzzling, licking, enjoy the scent of my man, my Jonas who I couldn’t resist. Smells of his manly musk mixed with his cologne, intoxicated me, causing even more discomfort in my groin.

“I know and you love this Neanderthal!” Jonas dropped me on the cushions and leaned over me, pressing his hard body against mine.

God, the weight of him took my breath away but I still loved when he took control. I clawed his back and nibbled on his earlobe. His hardened muscle poking my tight pucker, I opened my legs further to give him better access. “Fuck me, Jonas!” No more teases and no need to make sweet love. I needed it rough, angry, like two dogs in heat.

“Yes sir!” Jonas rose up just enough to drag me down further towards him. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and placed kisses on both ankles. He sucked on two or three fingers and shoved them inside me, without warning, breaking the ring.

“Holy shit…” I grit my teeth and twisted my own nipples while I looked at the man I loved. Jonas pecks pebbled on his chest and the ripples that had ripples resembled hills in the country. An eagle with red eyes and an American flag on his breast stared me in the face. Such a fucking patriot. And I loved him, damn I loved him but I wanted more. Oh God did I want more but if he knew wouldn’t have it.

“You’re ready for me?” Jonas removed the fingers, sucked them again, then pushed them back in while he heaved air in and out of his lungs.

“Fuck yes, damnit. Fuck me, I told you…” Angry that he made me wait, I slapped his chest, knowing it would do nothing but excite him.

“Yeah you did but I like torturing you. You’ve been a bad boy!” Jonas laughed and slowly slid his fingers out. He leaned in, kissing my lips, hard, rough, while he penetrated me.

“Ooh Jonas…” Before I could say anything more, he filled me to the brim, causing the adrenaline in my body to reach its peak. “Ooh shit, Jonas…”

“Fuck yes, baby. I fucking love you, Nicky, I love you. I never want you to leave me, you hear? Never fucking leave me. I swear, when I’m away from you, I feel worthless, baby. I really do. You make me crazy, Nicky! So fucking looney, you know? I can’t let Bryant take you away from me…” Jonas picked up speed and bit my lips again, pressing his head against mine. Droplets of sweat ran down the side of his face, dropping on my chest.

“I won’t…” I stopped short again not to mess up this moment. Oh hell, why did I let this man get to me like this.? “Shhii…Jonas I love you too. I’m gonna…”

“I know me too, babe. I wanna come with you.” Jonas drew my lips inside his, thrashing his tongue against mine. He’d picked up the pace some more, knowing just how close I was to exploding.

“Ugh…” I clutched his back and pulled my thighs tightly together. I moved with him, making this sofa squeak from the weight of our bodies. “Jonas…” Instantly, the shudders wrecked my body and I shot ropes of cum between us, coating his tanned skin along with my own flesh.

“Yes baby. Oh God!” Jonas encased my mouth with his and thrust into me slower, but harder. Warm streams filled my ass and my man shook above me, screaming at the top of his lungs.


While I waited for the trembles to wind down, I ogled my man, coming, climaxing, enjoying this moment. His eyes closed tight, muscles flexing in his shoulders and chest. So much sweat dripped off his body, I badly wanted to lick him clean.

Watching this sexy display was another reason not to stay mad at him. The chemistry between us was amazing and damnit, I had to admit, it might’ve been even more so than it was with Bryant. So why the hell was I missing that man such much when I had the perfect man in front of me?

I suppose old habits do die hard! 

* * * *

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