Wednesday Briefs #36





Welcome to the briefs

Okay so, the story I was doing with the three guys, Jonas, Nicky, and Bryant needs to be written so this brief isn’t with them.

Instead, it’s my loving IR couple Nathan and Lieutenant Bryant Duncan who are finally tying the knot in ML3

Here though is a sweet, sappy short with them. Hope I don’t cause you a toothache!

Short Leg Splint

“Good, fucking grief!” Nathan grimaced as he hopped on one foot to the bed. He could’ve used the crutches but he hated them immensely and thought it was better to just walk with the boot and the splint. Why the hell did I have to fall down our front steps? I’m usually not a klutz! Once he got to the mattress, he fell down backwards, hating his temporary immobility.

I will say this much I get more sympathy.

Nathan had to admit, he did relish in the attention he’d gotten from complete strangers as well as other friends because of the bum leg. People willing to open the doors, allowing him to go in first. Giving up seats for him in crowded places. Not to mention, his husband switching shifts at his job just to take care of him. Oh yeah, that was the best part. No more overtime for Bryant. Now he was home by three-ish which was better than seven p.m.

I could get used to the special treatment.

“Babe! Honey? You in there? I bought some seafood from the French Market so we wouldn’t have to cook or go out.” Bryant yelled from the hallway and rushed in with bags and a bouquet of flowers.

“Hey love. An oh, again? More roses, for me?” Nathan smiled sweetly and clutched his chest. Bryant spoiled him to death, especially now with his injured leg.

“Yeah.” Bryant quickly pecked him. “Told you I would. I’ll be glad when the cast comes off though.”

Nathan cocked an eyebrow and wrinkled his lips. “Why?” He’d miss all the special attention from everyone because of his injury. And the roses every morning were a nice touch.

“Well I miss our walks in the morning…you know to the market and French Quarter for Beignets and coffee. And then this schedule is the pits babe. Even though coming home to you early is the highlight of my day.” Bryant hugged him tight.

“Hmm, well truthfully I do miss the walks but I also love you coming home with flowers every day. You think I can continue to get that even after I’m back on two legs? I know we’ve been married for a few months now but…”

“Oh I didn’t know you wanted that, Nathan. I’ll be glad to pick flowers for you, every day, sweets. Anything to keep that smile on your face.” Bryant sat next to him, placing the roses on the table. “And well, you know with the splint, we haven’t been able to try any more interesting positions.” Bryant ran his finger along Nathan’s jawline.


Nathan gasped at his husband’s touch, enjoying the calloused flesh rubbing against his. Just the feeling of Bryant made Nathan come on contact. “Mhmm, but we’ve still been fucking like bunnies, Lieutenant. The injury hasn’t cut into our sex time.”

“As it shouldn’t,” Bryant countered with another kiss. He grabbed Nathan’s hand and put it to his lips. “I will say it makes for an interesting position in itself but I like when you’re mobile and we’re able to do more stuff. The injury restricts us to the bedroom.”

“And you recall how I got into this in the first place was making out on the stairs and getting dizzy from your kisses.” Nathan nuzzled his husband’s nose. “Although I do love sex outside, perhaps on the back side of our house, with only the couple of steps instead of the five out front. Besides, what will the neighbors say?”

Bryant leaned back, eyes wide. “Since when do you care about what the anyone says about us, huh?”

Nathan smiled wryly. “Hmm, good point, Lieutenant, in that case may there be more sex on the front doorstep. Just put me in the back so if we fall, you’ll cushion the both of us.”

“Sounds like a plan, babe. You can fall on top of me anytime.”

* * * *

Okay yeah that was sweet,

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