The Wretched 1.5 is OUT!


And…. here it is

Better late than never, right?

If you’ve been following Corey and the Wretched you know he’s getting himself into more trouble with each episode. And this one’s no exception.

It’s now available for FREE at Smashwords Rainbow Ebooks and ARe

Here’s a little excerpt!

“Well…uh… shi…” Bryan Taylor, my drummer and roommate waved his hands in disgust and ran off the bus.


“Uh…oh damn, man. Does he know?” Jake cocked an eyebrow and rubbed those slim fingers across my lips.

“No one does. Fuck!” Disgusted, I clenched my fist and slammed the cushions next to me. Why hadn’t I locked the goddamn door? I wasn’t expecting anyone to find out about me like this. Honestly, I didn’t want anyone to know a thing so I’d stay in this band.

Well, one good thing is, it wasn’t that fuck Allen, his running buddy Eric, or worse Nicolai. There would’ve really been some shit then. “Uh, Jake… damn man I didn’t want to end it like this but I gotta…”

“I get it, man. It’s cool.” Jake immediately got up from my lap and started getting dressed. “It was fun, Corey. Do you think we could…”

“Oh yeah, man. Again? Hells yeah, I wanna…” I leaned down and yanked my pants up and zipping quickly.

“No, I wasn’t asking about that. I wanted to keep in touch sure but I don’t think my boyfriend will allow me to do this more than once. I mean, contrary to what it looks like, Efran’s in charge.”

Well shit.

I was surprised at Jake’s answer, remembering the interaction between the two before we got on the bus. “Um, yeah sure but, fuck man, I’d love a repeat.” Although my mind was elsewhere I had to secure the opportunity to have some of that hot ass again. Jake was too delicious to have just one time.

“We’ll see, man. Give me your phone and I’ll put in my number.” Jake held out his hand and yanked on his hair, pulling it into a ponytail holder.

“Sure.” I handed my cell to him and watched Jake press the digits in. Damn what a sexy man and hell, if I wanted to be caught with anyone, might as well be someone as hot as Jake.

“Call me then, okay? Perhaps when you’re back in Detroit, we can all hang.”

“Sure thing.” I grabbed his arm, not wanting him to leave. Yeah, I had some fucking explaining to do to Bryan but I wanted some more of those slim lips on top of mine. “Come here, babe. You ain’t getting away without saying bye properly.”

Seemingly reluctant to do anything more, Jake stepped closer to me and wrapped his arms around my back. “Come on, Corey. You got one kiss. What did I tell ya about−?”

I didn’t want to hear the story about kisses only being reserved for the boyfriend. I stopped him from talking, pressing my mouth on top of his. Jake’s lips were so soft, and wet I’d kiss him for hours if I had the chance. Immediately, the surge shot from my cock to my nipples, hardening them under my t-shirt. Fuck this man was gorgeous. If I didn’t want Deborah Meyer so bad, I’d ask this man to marry me. “Mmmph… damn I want another round with you. Work on Efran, okay?” I gave him a quick peck and pressed the dial on my handset to make sure the number was his. Satisfied when it rang in his back pocket, I slinked my arm around his waist and held him, making our cocks touch beneath our jeans. I was horny as hell even though I was worried about what Bryan would do or say about finding me with Jake. Despite my nervousness, not even that stopped me from wanting this man, naked and riding my dick again.

“Yeah… uh let me go, Corey. I’ll keep in touch.” Jake kissed me again and pulled away, sprinting in the other direction, not saying another word.

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