Saturday Sips – RETRO I Dream of Dalian M/F and NEWS

ALL HALLOWS EVE NNP ANTHO  Greetings folks! Since Halloween is coming up, my Saturday Sip harks back to a story I did for the NNP anthology last year, I Dream Of Dalian. It’s a tribute to Type O Negative singer Peter Steele. Here is a little piece from the story

BL Morticia – I Dream Of Dalian

Narni is dreaming of her favorite singer after a hard days work. She is due to see him perform tonight and decides to take a nap to be fresh. Instead of a peaceful sleep, she is transported into a lovely nightmare, one she might not want to wake from.


After work, Narni came home to her empty apartment. Simplistic described the setup, with only a couch, the two recliners and her television in the main living room. Her walls, decorated in plain off-white with few pictures of some of her favorite things and celebs. She slipped out of her shoes and made her way to her bedroom where she spent most of her time. Her lair, as she called it, showed more of her wild side, painted in blood red, framed photos of more bands gave this room its life. Her four post bed was decorated in white sheets with a black and crimson duvet that covered the mattress. The desk with the computer, her cherry wood dresser and a full length mirror completed the room’s décor. Simple but vibrant in her estimation, it was the only place in her small flat that really displayed her sense of style.


Narni stripped down to her black lacy boy cuts and bra before dropping onto the mattress. It had been an exhausting day and she wanted to rest up for tonight’s special performance featuring her favorite band Blood Died Red. Narni had anticipated the evening seeing Dalian, the man of her dreams for weeks. She knew the closest she could be to him was in front row but it didn’t deter her from dreaming of being chosen for the night. Dalian would only be steps away and even if she didn’t tickle his fancy, the beats from his bass would be enough to satisfy the need between her legs, at least temporarily.


As per usual, she climbed up under her sheet and flicked the air on because she couldn’t stand a lot of heat. Narni placed the headphones on her ears, selecting her favorite Blood Died Red album, Deathly Yours from the iPod menu. At the first sound of the bass and his alto voice, Narni closed her eyes and opened he legs wide as if he were above her, ready to take her for his own. She ran her fingers along the waistband of her underwear before dipping one inside, caressing her clean shaven mound. The beat of the drum caused a wave of emotions inside her and she responded by slightly rubbing her clit in the same rhythm. Again, his voice, singing the words, “Blessed be my angel of darkness…” she mouthed along with him while plunging that index finger into her heat. She bit her lip and squirmed a little, feeling the sudden fullness down below.  Narni gasped when Dalian screeched his last words. “Ughh…” she moaned and pulled on the ring attached to her nub. Strong sensations radiated through her body and she cried out in agony as the trembles rocked her. While the singer continued to scream, Narni moved atop her sheets as if he were fucking her. With her freehand, she reached inside her bra, teasing her own nipple. “Damn, Dalian…” she cursed him in her reverie, wishing he was really there. The floodgates opened, releasing the liquid of her pent up desire. The sheets below were saturated with her juices as were her black panties. She opened her eyes, hitting the stop button, and smiling at the mess she had made. “If only he were here to witness this.”


Thank goodness for mattress protectors.

* * *

Hope you enjoyed that sexy bit. And a little bit of news. I’m doing the Halloween story fro the Wretched this weekend and looking into doing the volume 1 stories all together in print. The Halloween story will be available for download only here at my blog starting the 31st so make sure you stay tuned!


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