Saturday Sip on Friday

Mornin folks

Well, I have to apologize because I wasn’t feeling anything I was writing for the Halloween version of the Wretched. After all I’m sort of a perfectionist so if I don;t like a story, I’d rather scratch it then post something I’m not happy with. 

coreyorange  I was trying my best to write a scene, just a scene where I wouldn’t delve too much into the story itself but that was too hard. So as a consolation, I”m showing a little unedited snippet from what I did write which will go into Nicolai’s book to come in early December. The other two muses are busy doing Nano while I’ll be taking the month off to enjoy some reading and relaxation. 

No worries, Corey and the gang will be back in December with the next installment. 

As promised, here’s a little clip I’ve already wrote. Unedited too. Raw and real!

* * * *

We’d just left the stage, taking our bows and throwing guitar pics and drumsticks at the rambunctious crowd. They chanted our names to sing one more song but all of us were exhausted and ready to partake in the delights into the wee morning hours, enjoying the celebration with loads of male and female groupies, friends, and the other bands on tour. Why you ask? Well hell, my favorite holiday of course and my beloved ass wipe, Nicolai Zander decided to throw a big party for the occasion.

“Fuckin a, man time to get the party on!” Eric ran past all of us, heading for the dressing room to get changed. All of us had to do the same thing but seemingly Eric was a little more excited than the rest of us to get his Halloween garb on.

“Hey Corey, you gonna dress up in drag and give us all a laugh?” Allen quickly walked past me, with a huge smirky grin on his face.

“No butt munch, I’m wearing viking garb. Your boy Nicolai is doing the girl thing.” I patted him on the back as he whizzed by.

“Yep, sure am. Corey and I made a bet and uh…” Nicolai stopped short of telling Allen the reason why he had to wear a dress.

Stay tuned cause I’ll tell you good peeps later.

“He dared me to wear a dress, so, I had to get one. I’m going all out too. You’ll see, I got heels, makeup, the whole nine. Renee’s even helping me with my bra and panties.” Nicolai batted his eyelashes at me as he went by.

Allen’s eyes bulged and he dried his shaved dome off with the towel around his neck. “Well shit, dude. Didn’t know you had a little girl in ya, Nico. Can we take pictures or will you slug me when I hit the flash button?”

“Naw dude, go for it. A bet is a bet, right Corey?”

I nodded and laughed, taking a toke off the joint Bryan just handed me. “Sure is, Nicolai. Can’t wait to see you do it up too.” And I couldn’t. Nicolai in a dress with full garb and war paint. What a helluva picture that would be. “By the way, fuck face, what are you gonna be?”

Allen shook his head. “Nothin man. I don’t do the dress up shit.”

Bryan coughed, “No fair man, everyone is supposed to dress up right Nico? Why can’t you do something, Allen? Be a fucking sport.”

“Hey Allen doesn’t need no costume. Just his ugly mug is enough of a mask to make anyone scared.” I had to add that joke. After all, Allen was the by far the ugliest cuss in this outfit.

“Very funny, asshole. You ain’t cute either.”

“Yeah I am, remember you called me a pretty boy? I wear that title proudly and now that you’ve seen how boys who look as good as me can whip ass, I know you’ll keep your mouth fucking shut with the fag comments or jibes on my old band.” Yeah, on every occasion I could, I’d remind this cock sucker how I whooped him on stage just three weeks ago in Milwaukee.

Allen walked away, grumbling and not saying anything more.

“Yeah bitch, you know I got your ass good!” I drew up my lips and made faces behind his back.

Nicolai slapped my shoulder as I went by. “Hey dude, stop giving him the business, okay? You made your point. You see he don’t talk about fags and homos anymore.”

“Yeah so?” I took another hit and passed the rest to Bryan who was laughing like a hyena.

“He deserved it, Nicolai and you know it. You taking up for the fag basher now?”

“Look douchenozzle, he’s still my friend and our guitarist, right? And you think just because you and Corey than got a little tighter that you can’t be touched? Don’t cross me, Bry, I’ll make sure you regret it!” Nicolai smacked his back and shoved him forward.

Despite being infatuated with this ass, I hated the way he’d been treating Bryan but Bryan wasn’t making this any better by some of the comments he made. Still, I wanted to defend the man who’d become my best buddy in the band. “Hey man, leave him alone, okay? Ease up on drummer boy, hmm?”

Nicolai stepped up to me, poking his finger in my chest. “Who’s man are you, hmm?”

I returned the action. “Not yours or anybodys, dude. I’m telling you to give Bry a break.”

“Why cause he’s been sucking you off?” Nicolai cocked an eyebrow at me and sneered.

I could see the jealousy in his eyes. He really despised the fact Bry and I had gotten a little close. “Nope, cause he’s my buddy, Nicolai. Leave him alone or I promise you, I’ll be sleeping and telling you to piss off when you want a little man action.

Yep, I was the one doing the blackmailing now.


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