10 Days of Xmas Day Four – BLMorticia



Alright, hello again

So the first 3 days have been a little too easy.

Let’s make the contest a little harder this time around.

In the book, My Lieutenant, what is Nathan’s occupation?

A: An artist

B: A Stripper

C: An accountant

D: A banker

The right answer wins an ebook from my backlist and a copy of Magic Mike. A movie I adore!


Blurb: Nathan Ellerby’s a has been ransacked by his ex who didn’t like the fact Nathan dumped him. Trouncing through the debris uttering a string of obscenities, Nathan’s shocked to see Lieutenant Bryant Duncan at his door claiming he’s already caught the offender. Sensing an instant connection, when Nathan finds out Bryant’s divorced and he’s straddling the fence between being gay or bisexual, Nathan finds himself in a quandary.

Although the Lieutenant does everything in his power to prove to Nathan he’s worthy, Nathan is afraid to lower his defenses which leaves both men wondering if Nathan will allow love into his life even through his doubts.

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