Saturday Sips – ML3 Before We Say I Do COVER REVEAL

ml3   Mornin fans! Well lookie here! I’m excited to show off my next cover for Nathan and Bryant! Awesome right. Anyways, here is a little bit from my release which I’m told should be out in February. Woot!

My Lieutenant Three: Before We Say I Do

Lieutenant Bryant Duncan and Nathan Ellerby are about to say I do and Bryant insists on meeting Nathan’s parents before the big day. Due to being thrown out at age eighteen, Nathan isn’t happy about the visit and begs his lover to reconsider. Knowing Bryant’s ways to get Nathan to do whatever he wants, Nathan will have to put up with his mother and father who disowned him for coming out the closet.

Prepared to defend himself and his man, Nathan plans the trip to the west coast not only for a relaxing vacation but also to fulfill his lover’s wishes to meet the two people he’s despised more than any during his existence; Lana and Cal Ellerby. To make the visit a little easier, his Aunt Edna has decided to show up at the family house for a sort of impromptu reunion. Will she stop Nathan and his mother from a battle of expletives and obscenities during the family dinner?

Excerpt m/m MATURE

Due to the long flight and drive over to the resort, we decided to just take a bath together and turn in for the night. We’d made up our mind while soaping each other up we’d extend our vacation and call our booking agent in the morning to find out about time shares for the near future.

Seemingly on cue, I woke up at around six a.m. laying my head on Bryant’s chest, expecting him to get up. I blinked my eyes and stretched my arms, gazing at our balcony view of the Pacific Ocean with the sandy beach below. I wondered if anyone was out there so I could sketch while Bryant enjoyed his morning run.

“Baby?” Gently I rocked him, covering his face with small kisses and nips, making him chuckle while still half asleep. “Bryant? Are you going out to jog?”

“No babe. I’m gonna pass on that this morning. I thought just staying in bed with you would be a lot more fun.” He grinned at me and reached for my hand, taking it into his own.

Once he had it, he made a trail of licks from my wrist to the tip of my index finger and repeated it on each one in succession. Holy shit. His long, hot tongue on my flesh gave me goose pimples almost immediately and my skin heated up with every lick and suck from his mouth. The tent rose a little more when Bryant sucked my middle finger completely. God I loved when he showed off his oral skills.

“So, you have no problem with staying in?” Bryant suffocated me with his embrace, yanking me on top of him, making our bodies level with one another. The moment our crotches met, he moved slightly so I could feel just how erect he was. “Ooh yes, Nathannn…” While he trailed kisses from the bottom of my ear to my collarbone, he caressed the crevice of my ass with one hand while the other palmed my thigh. When he finished pecking my neck and shoulder, his brown lusty gaze met up with mine. “I want inside right now babe. Wanna ride on this bucking bronco?”

Well so much for sketching anything this morning.

Once again, the man had me forgetting what I wanted to do just so we could have sex. “Hells yeah, partner. You know what they say. Save a horse, ride a fucking cowboy,” I straightened up, only to pull the sheet from his naked flesh. Holy shit. This body, this perfect human specimen was going to be my husband in a few weeks. Although I’d laid claim to the man I totally had a reason to be jealous if anyone so much as looked his way. And I’d have the papers to prove it. Damn, I’m glad I took the chance and let him into my rainbow colored door. Not only that, I allowed him into my heart, to rule my world and my life. And honestly, I’ve never regretted it since. Despite my earlier reservations, this man was indeed my soulmate. I’d do anything for this man and I knew he’d do the same for me.

Bryant laughed at my response and reached over into the side table grabbing the lube I knew might be gone within a couple of days. More time away from home in New Orleans meant less time to paint or sketch which also meant, more fucking like bunnies.

Do you see me complaining, especially with enough space in this penthouse to hold a small gathering for about twenty?

Hells no!

No question, we’d be taking advantage of every second alone together before returning back to reality and enjoying every blasted second all the way up to the moment when we said I do.

Bryant’s weeping shaft poked my tight pucker, asking for entrance. To make this easy on him, I moved back and hovered over his thick rod before impaling myself on his cock. Once his flesh filled me completely, my breath caught in my chest and I gripped onto his body, holding on as if I really was riding a horse or one of those mechanical bulls in a saloon.

Bryant met my rhythm, slowly at first before guiding my hips to just the right spot, causing both of us to gasp in unison.

“Damn… ooh Bryant!” I didn’t care that we might have someone next door or even below who would hear my cries. If they knew what was good for them, they’d listen for clues and tried some new shit themselves.

“Nathan…” Bryant held me tight around the waist and continued to look at me with hungry eyes. His fingers clawed my skin, not caring about marks since I was lost in the effects of our lovemaking.

Wanting more and getting close to climax, I sped up the pace, bouncing on his dick, throwing my head back in total ecstasy. I clenched my thighs together tightly, trying to brace myself for the explosion but my body had other ideas.

Apparently, so did Bryant, who straightened up and grabbed me for a hug along with a kiss, leaving me breathless. Our tongues tangled in a wild fervor with mine coming out on top. I sucked his tongue into my mouth and lightly bit it while he and I rocked this bed together, waiting for each other to burst.

“Shit, baby…” Bryant bit my bottom lip and pushed himself inside me several more times. Hot jets of his release spurted in my ass and he trembled under my touch.

Not a moment later, I followed his lead, shooting long strings of white on his stomach and mine as well as his chest. I held onto him while everything around us rocked and felt uneven. Closing my eyes, I saw colorful stars, every hue of the fucking rainbow, making me dizzy with lust.

Our lovemaking though not bad the first night, seemed to improve each time, making me wonder would we ever reach our peak. Hell if I knew but I surely wouldn’t complain about trying to top the last ones.

After finally coming down from the high, we ordered room service to be delivered once we took our morning shower together. Thanks to our position, we managed to keep the bed sheets dry and clean for now, meaning the maid wouldn’t have to make an emergency visit to change the covers.

“Whew…” I stepped out of the shower first in my terrycloth bathrobe, drying my hair. Bryant was right behind me, only covered in a towel because he complained of being too hot to be wrapped in a housecoat. “Um, babe, that was…”

“Pretty good right?” Bryant smiled at me and whacked my backside with the spare towel he had around his neck. “The mutual fun under the shower head, just to get all dirty again.” He pulled me close to him, causing me to crash into his body.

“Mmmph.” I didn’t balk since I loved when he played it rough. His hands roamed underneath my robe, touching every inch of my skin. “Come on, loverboy. We just finished and uh, I’m starving.”

“I know but… we could play around until the food gets here.” Bryant spun me around and pressed his lips on top of mine again, tracing them with his tongue.

Once again, a surge of energy shot to my groin then onto my nipples, making them so hard they could cut glass. “Bryant Duncan I swear…”

“Yeah…” Bryant opened my robe and slipped his hands around to my buttocks, holding them as if they were two basketballs. Jesus the man was insatiable. I wasn’t sure how the hell I’d be able to manage spending any time sketching anything, less alone taking advantage of the great inspiration on the outside of our window.

Creative people hardly ever take vacations especially when the mood strikes them to do something. Even significant others couldn’t stop a person with those juices flowing through their veins.

Unless his name was Lieutenant Bryant Duncan.

Whew, hope you enjoyed and check out my muse Corey this morning at TRS around 9am!

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