New Cover for Hell Hath



Hey peeps.

Look at this lovely cover from Sara York!


It’s my book in the N’awlins Exotica series, Hell Hath No Fury

Michael writes the first two books, then I’m writing the next two and Rawiya writes the last two.

How cool, right?

Well, even though we’re only on book two, Shar had the awesome Sara continue onto book three. She’s done all these and the twincest series Michael did. 

Aren’t they awesome?

This one is all het too and I take on the series’ must hated character, Kenina Porter. A hard nosed female cop with serious trust issues, a severe case of homophobia, and no tolerance for bullshit.

This is her story and she gains a lover to trying making it all better.

Will she calm the fuck down? We’ll see when we write.

I cannot wait to start on her. 

Look for Hell Hath most likely at the end of the year. 




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