Saturday Sips – ML3 Before We Say I Do

ml3    Greetings folks. My next book ML3 will be out March 17th from Rebel Ink. I was just sent the edited blurb and all systems a go. Here’s another little snippet from it.

Lieutenant Bryant Duncan and Nathan Ellerby are about to say ‘I do’ and Bryant insists on meeting Nathan’s parents before the big day. Due to being thrown out at age eighteen, Nathan isn’t happy about the visit and begs his lover to reconsider. Knowing Bryant’s ways to get Nathan to do whatever he wants, Nathan will have to put up with a mother and father who disowned him for coming out the closet.

Prepared to defend himself and his man, Nathan plans the trip to the west coast not only for a relaxing vacation but also to fulfill his lover’s wishes to meet the two people he’s despised more than any during his existence–Lana and Cal Ellerby.

To make the visit a little easier, his Aunt Edna decides to show up at the house for a sort of impromptu reunion. Will she stop Nathan and his mother from a battle of expletives and obscenities during the family dinner?


Wanting to get this over with, I slid the door open and walked outside where my uncle David, my dad, and some other man I didn’t recognize sat in folding chairs, drinking beers.

“Um, Dad?” I hadn’t called him that in years, but I thought to be respectful in front of my lover instead of calling him asshole.

“Hey, Nat!” In moments the grey haired man, only standing about five six, got up and came over, shaking my hand as if I was some long lost pal. “Good to see you, son. And I see you brought your friend?”

“Yeah, Dad, but he’s more than that, he’s my man. This is Bryant Duncan, as in Lieutenant Bryant Duncan?”

“Well, wow, a former Army man?” His beady eyes met my lover’s browns.

“No. Navy, sir. Good to meet you.” They shook hands and nodded at one another.

“Well, Nathan, you got yourself a man, huh? And he doesn’t look like a fairy,” David laughed and patted Bryant’s shoulder. “Sir, good to meet you. And thanks for your service.”

“You’re welcome.” Bryant nodded and seemed a little more relaxed. He knew none of the guys were looking at him like a piece of meat.

“Damn, Nat! How you been? I haven’t seen you since Jesus was a child.” The other man came up and patted me on the back.

Not knowing who the hell this was, I glanced at him curiously. “And you are? Sorry. I don’t remember.”

“Oh, don’t give me that, you queer! I’m Jake, Edna’s man! Hiya doin’, son?”

“Well, damn, Jake, don’t say that in front of his man, huh?” Surprisingly, my dad came to my defense.

“Well, that’s what they are, queers. I mean, they want rights, they gotta own up to what they are. Just like them wetbacks, Jews, all them illegal immigrants! You know I don’t mean any harm, Nat. It’s what you are, so…”

“Yeah, I am queer, and I’d rather be that than an ignoramus with little class,” I spat back. “Still letting Edna lead you around by the balls, hmm?” From what I recalled, Jake was Edna’s standby when she didn’t have a lover half her age to parade around.

“Ooh, damn, Jake. He’s gotcha there,” David chuckled and patted me on the back.

“Ah, Nat, you’ve always had such a smart mouth! It’s part of the reason your folks threw you out all those years ago. Well, that and being a fucking faggot. No offense, buddy.” Jake reached for Bryant, but he stepped away, avoiding his touch.

“Whoa, whoa, c’mon now, Jake. Stop offending my boy and his man, okay? David, why don’t you and Jake go and get us some more beers, huh?”

“No, better yet, do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short pier.” Bryant dropped my hand and turned away, perusing the yard.

The two men did just that with Jake screaming insults back at us, and me lifting my middle finger back at him. I noticed Bryant shifted in the other direction; and not surprisingly, I could feel the anger radiating off him. Now he got to see what kind of ignorant assholes called themselves my family.

Ready for it? I hope so. Now, take a hop over to Michael’s to check out a sip from his yummeh twins! *licks lips* Michael Mandrake

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