Wednesday Briefs #45


Hey peeps

I was inspired to do a Wednesday Brief because of one of the pics for inspiration.

If you don’t recall what a brief is, it’s a short excerpt from the story inspired by prompts and or pictures chosen by Julie Lynn Hayes.

Here’s a separate look into Corey, or rather his future.



The Wretched: An Extra Dose


Ladies and gentlemen of Finnsbury Park, please respect the premises and avoid crowd surfing and moshing at all times. None of the aforementioned activities will be tolerated. Thank you

 “Yeoooohhhhh!” Seemingly on cue, Nicolai screamed at the top of his lungs and gave horns to the audience the moment the curtains parted in front of us.

With the first drum beat I was already on ten, swinging my hair around like a demonic madman. Riding on some of the white powder I’d sniffed through my nostrils and pure adrenaline, I plucked those strings in rhythm with my partner in percussion as if my life depended on it. And despite my fingers having splinters from yesterday, the day before that and so on, no way would I give this up; the chance to be a heavy metal rock star, play in front of thousands of screaming teenagers, and get paid for it. Fucking well I might add.

Real well.

 Not to mention traveling the world over on fancy planes, riding high in first class, essentially treated to whatever delicacy I could possibly want. Yeah, this is the life, this is my fucking life. And I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything else in this world.

“Corey! You rock man!” A British kid yelled at me and threw me the universal metal salute with a wide smile.

“Hells yeah man!” I reached down and smacked his hand between notes. I enjoyed my fans taking the time out to say hi and give me the horns. Nothing made me more excited or aroused than interacting with the people. I returned the salutation and went back to playing, trying my best to keep up with Bryan. This man was like a demon possessed on the cymbals especially on this tune. I huffed and dug in, running my fingers over the bass guitar to keep up the pace. “Shit, Bryan.”

“Yeah boys, keep that shit up!” Nicolai yelled over the microphone and gave me the nod of approval.

When the song finally slowed, I banged my fists on the strings and whipped my head around to take a look at Bryan who smiled like the cat who ate the canary.

Fucking bastard.

It’s okay though, I’ll get his ass later. Yeah, I’ll really get into it if you know what I mean. Returning the wicked grin, I did a running jump and landed on the riser. I swung my head from side to side while I joined him on this bit of the tune. The beats were infectious, sexual, and primal on this song; Bryan and I used it as background noise when we fucked each other’s brains out. Much to the dismay of my lover Nicolai, the lead singer, Bryan was like my escape from the craziness with him and his girl. He was patient, gentle, and a friend who nursed me back to health after my hangovers and drug come downs. You could say he was my man.

Yeah I liked that.

Bryan licked his tongue out at me and winked, still grinning like a Cheshire cat while he pounded the skins. He ran that tongue over his slim lips, mimicking the way he liked to suck my cock.

“Heh, yeah you bastard. You’ll be down on your knees when the main act hits the stage!” I winked at him, meeting his brown gaze. Damn the man was hot, especially with the extra fuzz on his chin.

Bryan mouthed to me, “Looking forward to it!” He looked around to make sure no one was in earshot.

Fine time to do that after he made the comment but what the hell. The both of us liked living on the edge and despite the crowd being in front of us screaming their heads off for us to sing the next song, this was my time with my man, my Bryan. And actually after this teeny tiny moment, I had to rethink my whole deal about what truly excited me; this, just me and Bryan Taylor sharing a minute together in the midst of a song. He’s turning me into a fucking sap, I tell ya but I can’t say I ain’t complaining.

As the song came to a halt, Bryan and I stared into each others eyes. Mesmerized by his look, I suddenly forgot about the twenty thousand plus chanting our names in the background. Yeah I loved being a musician but there were things I loved a helluva lot more. One of them might be Bryan. Aw shit… what will Mr. Zander think about this?

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Hope you enjoyed Here are the other authors doing the briefs.

Larry Benjamin

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