I Love It Rough Blogtour Stop #3 Michael Mandrake.

Brother muse is on his blogtour. Go win some prizes and look at details about the new book!

Wednesday Briefs

Roughmm1 Michael Mandrake: Greetings and happy Monday to all. Thanks to all of you for dropping by. Yesterday I interviewed my sexy muse, Kajika Fortier from the New Orleans…

Frankie Choteau: Mike, it’s N’awlins… c’mon say it with me, N’awlins… not New Orleans. *rolls eyes* You named the series, say it right nah!

*audience laughs*

Michael Mandrake:*nibbles on bottom lip, eyes dart from side to side* Um, yes, right mate. Well, please welcome Detective Frankie Choteau to the show today.

*audience claps*

Frankie Choteau:*waves to audience and flashes wide smile* Thank you but the big applause should be for my lovah boy. Anyways, Mike what’s up man? Why did ya call me away from the station for this?

Michael Mandrake:*cocks eyebrow* Well, I wanted you to fill in the good people about the new book and tells us more about the cop aspect of your job.


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