A Word from the Muse…

coreyorange   Hey folks

So, I wanted to post some info about what’s been going on…


The problem with sharing the head with 2 other muses is you gotta wait your turn and since Michael was doing ILIR and Rawiya was finishing Jayden, I had to wait until Sharita finished up and got some free time.

Well, let’s just say Rawiya is in edits and Michael is resting for now since he just had the twin book release 2 weeks ago and ILIR is still fairly new.

Now its my turn and I’m about to tackle the stories I’ve been waiting to do for like eons!



Wretched 2.3 and 2.4 will come out in April. 2.3 is Nicolai’s last story then it goes back to Corey for 2.4. Then i’ll be doing the first Metalerotique which hopefully will also come out in April.

While this is going on, I’ll be doing a story with another awesome author. It’s sexy, its lewd, and ooh drama! HELLO. And then, I’ll be also revising Wild Horses and doing the next Reluctant Groupie story. To end up April, I’ll be working on my next novel, On the Run which I wanted to start quite a while ago. Whew, I shall be keeping Shar busy!

Just keep your eye on this space and at Corey’s for the updates. Hoping to have 2.3 out by next week so stay tuned and thanks for all the support!

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