Saturday Sips – Sex Type Thing

Metalerotique_2   Good mornin folks. Here’s a little snippet from my porny, raunchy m/m to come out later this month. I’m about to go through the story again then send it to the betas for the once over. 

Warnings: Story includes, rough sex, watersports, fisting, spitting.

After taking my final bow, I spun and ambled backstage. I grabbed the solution and doused my chest, belly, and shoulders with it while one of my roadies rambled off a bunch of potentials. The cold liquid chilled and stung me all at once. I sucked in a breath and closed my eyes, attempting to forget the discomfort.

Soon however, I’d be high on weed and booze to make all this a memory at least for right now. I’d definitely feel it in the morning but that’s what pain killers and showers were for. Good thing the next performance wasn’t until next week to conclude this tour. Recovering was always the hardest part of this gig anyway.

Heading back to my dressing room, I took a shirt from another roadie along with a towel ready to get sucked and laid. I nodded at a few people including my bandmates who appeared as if they’d started partying without me. Smells of marijuana and sex infiltrated my nostrils. I took it all in, reveling in the scents.

The sweet smells of rock and roll.

As I made the turn to meet my fans, another man greeted me with a talk drink and an evil smile. Just then, the prospects of finding someone went up because this dude was muscled and gorgeous. I feasted my eyes on lengthy brown locks with wild brown eyes like a cat. He was tanned, toned and, dressed in all black; a hot metal man like me.


Judging from my body’s reaction, he was exactly the type I needed. Someone big and strong, who might wanna play my kind of game.

“Thank you and who might you be?” I grabbed the glass and quickly sucked down its contents.  I wiped my mouth and sized him up, knowing he’d look real good tangled in my sheets after I fucked him into the Serta.

The good looking man smiled in response. “Just call me J, Mr−”

“Zander, just Zander…and whoa.” I rubbed both of my temples and blinked a couple of times from dizziness.

“You okay, Zander?” J asked and he held on to me before I lost my footing.

“Yeah, I’m feeling, damn.” Struggling to stay upright, I fell into his arms and clutched his broad shoulders. Suddenly, I felt like I was on a boat about to sink down to the bottom.

What the fuck is going on?

The room started spinning and my eyes burned, tearing up from whatever this shit was in my drink. My heart thudded against my ribs and I gulped hard, trying to stay standing but the drugs wouldn’t allow me to do so.

“Your mine, Zander Lukes, mine!” J growled in my ear while his arms wrapped around my waist. His hot breath tickled my earlobes and woke my cock right up but I had no chance to enjoy it.

Seemingly Mr. J was more than the pretty face here backstage.

Who the heck let him back here anyway?

Yeah who so I can make sure they’d be fired immediately.

Always remember the saying don’t take anything from or talk to strangers but it was already too late for me to fight. Before I could react everything around me went black.


I hope you enjoyed that snippet. Look for the story to come out in the next couple of weeks!

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