Wind Down Wednesday

At Sweet Sis’ blog talking about Sex Type Thing

Rawiya Erotica

Metalerotique_2Morning all

I’m welcoming my wicked sis over to talk about her next book

It’s the Metalerotique Series, Sex Type Thing!

Let’s check out how she was inspired by this vid!

Greetings to all. So, it’s pretty self explanatory. I wanted to do a series of erotica shorts with rock/metal music titles. As sis mentioned, they’ll all be Metalerotique books. This first one is my raunchiest story yet. A story about a rock star who likes it rough and a man who doesn’t mind stepping up to the plate. Why wouldn’t I pick Sex Type Thing as the first one when it’s such an iconic tune? All stories will have some kind of literal or figurative tie in with the title or lyrics so this fits perfectly. Here’s a little taste. If you like it, you can pre-order the book at ARe. It will be out in a couple of…

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