Rihanna Rocks or Does She?

Shar talks about the hypocrisy of some metal fans


Should this matter to metal fans if she rocks Judas, Krokus, and Motley and doesn’t listen to their music? I actually saw this conversation unfold virally in a Facebook group I’m no longer in. I couldn’t take the hypocrisy, but that’s a story for another day.

Let’s move on.

RihannaJudasOne of the members put a picture up of Rihanna rocking the Judas Tee shirt at one of her shows and said he didn’t think she should be wearing this because she isn’t a Judas Priest fan. I’m sorry, let me step up on my ever growing soapbox for one second. How the fuck do you know? Are you friends with her? Are you her man? Obviously not since she can’t get enough of trouble maker, Chris Brown. And even if she’s not, why should we care? I believe she is able to wear whatever the fuck she wants without your…

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