Saturday Sips – No Denying Sin

Michael is sharing the first bit from NDS

Michael Mandrake

NoDeny  Greetings.

BL and I are busy working on No Denying Sin. You might ask, how are 2 muses working on the same book? Well, quite simple really. I’m doing the parts for Eli, the killer, while she does the rest. She’s taking over my characters which is a good thing since most of them are little devils anyway. *laughs* So enjoy this sample. This is unedited so it’s a bit rough!

Precinct Nineteen New Orleans Louisiana September Eighteenth 11:06 p.m.


No rest for the weary.

As per usual, precinct nineteen was busy taking calls about homicides and robberies close to the Quarter and beyond due to the station being the highest staffed in the region. With it being close to midnight, only Orrin Daughtery, Kenina Porter, and Vance Morain were in the pen, looking over files pertaining to the recent killings of adult dancers as well…

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