Saturday Sips – No Denying Sin

Mikey is sharing some from No Denying Sin

Michael Mandrake

NoDenyGood morning

Here is a small snippet from NDS. It’s first draft so it hasn’t been touched by a beta or editor. Still, I hope you enjoy BL and I’s first collaboration.

After about an hour of driving around in circles, Vance was back at the station, ready for detective briefing and coffee in hand for all of his partners. Now that they were seven, it meant more money to be spent but Vance didn’t care. Not today. Not when his emotions had gotten the best of him.

Figuring everything out put him in a very charitable mood. Despite seeing the so called man at Orrin’s door, Vance made up his mind not to be scared away by Orrin’s tactics. When seeing Lane at the door hurt him Vance figured the feelings he had for Orrin were more important than anything. His parents always told him when he felt the…

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