The Wretched News – New Excerpt RATED R

New excerpt from The Wretched


shutterstock_8294326  Okay, so I admit, we’ve been making you wait a long ass fucking time for the last installments! Yes, *pokes BL and Sharita*

So, we’re gonna post a little here as a teaser, yep and hopefully if the cover Goddess bestows us with a cover, the full 3.1 will be out by the end of the week!

Sound good?


This one is by BL and co-author Kym Reed

“Sometimes what you really need/Isn’t truly what you truly desire.”

 The lyrics from Burnt Ash’s Unhealthy Habit rang prophetically in my head while I shoved Nicolai’s ass out of the elevator.  

“Yeah well, I need you Trey, but you’re busy hugging up your woman.”

“What’s that stud?” Nicolai quickly turned around.

“Nothin,” I growled as I shoved him ahead of me. “Keep walking, asshole!”

Just the thought of Trey’s refusal made me sick to my stomach. The man…

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