Sneak Peek at The Wretched 3.3

Sneak peek at 3.3


WT33   Okay kids, blame Shar for this snippet being like 2 weeks late. I mean, who told you to have so many damn muses!


Anyways, here is a little bit, unedited form the next episode. What am I up to now?

After we left the “Purple One’s” town, the band had a couple of days off before embarking on a stretch of eight gigs in nine nights before we headed to California. During those days off, I spent my time with Spescha having lots of catch-up and make-up sex.

Leaving Minneapolis for North Dakota was quite the change in scenery. I mean from big city to fucking small houses and farms was a shock to this eastern born and bred Yankee dude. Still I was looking forward to some sightseeing with Spescha on my arm. In Psychotica, we never got perks like this and with things so fucking…

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