Wind Down Wednesday on Thursday

A little insight to my GR story

Rawiya Erotica

Handsome elegant business man sitting on a stool  Hey there. I haven’t posted anything in a whil because I’m waiting my turn to get writing. Michael and BL have been busy with the N’awlins series as well as their own books, BL with The Wretched and Michael with the twins. 

Now, BL’s working on a Goodreads story like I did last year. Hers is a lot different than mine but the message is the same. Love conquers all! Lets hear what my wicked sis has to say about it and what song she’s playing to get the juices flowing. Take it away sis!

Thanks Rawiya. So, I’m working on my Love Landscapes story through Goodreads. If you didn’t follow Rawiya’s last year, the deal is a reader does a prompt and a picture and we, the authors, pick up the prompt. Mine was two men in a bathtub and the letter mentions two men who love each…

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