New Cover Art


And here it is

The newest cover for Under the Gun

GORGEOUS isn’t it?

It’s coming out from Booktrope over the summer

I’m stoked for the new release

Here is the newest blurb

Camdyn Hardy is a private investigator who has just suffered a setback. The man he loved left him for a woman after being caught by a client in a heated moment. Now, he’s searching for another partner one fully out the closet and willing to work and live together in a committed relationship. Malik Day is newly discharged for beating up a couple of gay bashers when they attacked a closeted cadet. Unfortunately, the money he has saved is not enough to live on his own, and he’s forced to move back in with his bible thumping parents. Their disdain pushes Malik to the brink and he leaves for the shooting range. Afterwards, he meets Camdyn and the two engage in a private conversation. Once they do, Malik discovers Camdyn has the key to his happiness. Though both men know this, they’re unable to make their feelings completely known until the end, when they discover their mutual affection for weapons as well as their desire to play the dangerous game of mixing business with pleasure.

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