My Special Guest…BL Morticia

I’m at Cassandre’s place today with a hot post

Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist

I love having guests on my show and this lovely lady has been a friend for years and happy to call her a fellow Booktrope author. Come enjoy a taste…

Writing Sexual Fantasies

Greetings readers!

This is BLMorticia with another smexy post.

*licks lips*

Ooh sexual fantasies. Damn I’ve got so many of them, or rather, Shar does. That’s why when she writes she likes to push the envelope, get your motor running in all kinds of different directions. Yep, we love to do romance and sex outside the box. That’s whatBL Morticia Under the Gun makes it fun.

How do those fantasies materialize? Watching porn, reading, er interesting material, and hell, just dreaming!


When Shar sits down at the computer with me or one of the other muses alongside, she’s writing down things she fantasizes about. I’m pretty sure most authors are like that about their books right? Along with the gritty…

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