Writing Broken Characters and Loving Flaws

I love broken characters!

Come Selahway With Me...

I did a post on Bitten by Books a few days ago about unlikable characters, and I recently blogged for Mocha Memoirs Press about my tendency to write characters I don’t always like or agree with. It saddens me that there seems to be a growing trend lately to favor “nice” protagonists, those that don’t cause a whole lot of trouble but have extraordinary things happen to them. This also seems to be the staple of chick lit. There’s the geeky-but-not-really introvert who just needs to lose her glasses and meet the right guy or get out for a weekend to have her whole life jump started!

Apparently there are a whole lot of authors who have never met people or have never dated. Life is messy. People are weird – even good people. I get that we want to escape into a book, I get that we want a…

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2 thoughts on “Writing Broken Characters and Loving Flaws

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