Good News 2 New WIP’s

ChrisHelmsworth54Whew, happy Saturday folks.

I’m so excited to be starting two new stories. One is with this hunk, Chris Helmsworth as a young businessman, struggling to make ends meet with his restored music, books, and instruments shop. He’s so sexy in this one and I’ve dreamt scenes with him and this man…

Jason Momoa (Photo by Michael Bezjian/WireImage)

I know, right? Why wouldn’t I want to put Chris and Jason together in a story! Actually, Shar had this one for sis Rawiya, but she realized the story didn’t fit what Rawiya usually does so, she gave it to me. Kinda cool sharing one head with 2 other muses, huh?


The story is called The Odd Couple and yes, it is kind of an m/m take on The Odd Couple show, but a completely different storyline. It was called So Perfect before, but when we wrote out details and formed the character arcs, we decided The Odd Couple would be better.

Featured Image -- 1807

Now, the other one is the follow-up to No Denying Sin. Living in Sin is mostly about Vance and Orrin working through the issues of their budding relationship. Orrin still doesn’t want to be with the man he works with and Vance hasn’t told his father about his new life partner. Michael is leaving me alone on this one so there won’t be too many mentions about the search for the serial killer, more about this couple who I have come to adore! Woohoo.

I love starting new stories. It’s kind of like having sex. You can’t wait to start and when you do, it’s a rush. Whew. I’m gonna feel it twice! Can you imagine?

Also, I have edits on Wounded Pride (Follow-up to Cyrus and Ash) and Under the Gun #2. I’m working Shar pretty hard. There’s a reason why she calls me pushy!


Wish me luck as I delve into all of these characters!

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