Happy Spanking Anniversary and a Goodbye

I totally get what she’s saying. When the stories become boring and monotonous, it’s time to move on! Good luck Cass!

Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist

Catchy little title. Eh? Well, this is a cathartic post. What you’re about to read, if you do, might surprise many of you, but it’s a celebration as well as an ending.

Four years ago I had an email from an FB friend of mine suggesting I send a book to Rebel Ink Press. I put the finishing touches on Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper, sent it off and on the very next day I had an acceptance. (This is my first cover ever) That began a wild ride into the world of publishing. There have been many twists and turns since then, but with over 200 books/stories published and in several genres, I’m still writing – albeit times have TIABPW.final coverchanged. Oddly enough, I no longer have the strong drive I once did. Perhaps I’m just tired or slightly disillusioned. However, writing is a craft I began when…

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