First Draft for Odd Couple FINISHED

12047156_10206611218294506_8605655267839185215_nSo I am DONE! Done with first draft for the Odd Couple. It turned out great in my opinion, but then again I am BIASED.

Now I’m working on a secret project, an FF and Living in Sin. I know I have waited forever to get back to Vance and Orrin. They’re cursing me out for it as we speak.


Since I’m doing an update, I can also give you the lowdown on the other two as well!

RAWIYA – Rawiya resubmitted Donuts and Latte to a publisher. Waiting for the answer. We’re also redoing the Comet story. Not sure if it will be self-pubbed or submitted.

BL – I’ll be working on Living in Sin, my FF, and once those are done, back with Remmy to do Wounded Three which is currently titled, Wounded Paths. We subbed Wounded Pride. waiting for the answer. Once Living is done, I’ll be starting on Hirah’s book.

Michael – Michael will be doing the prequel for his twins series and working on Closely Guarded, book 2 for the PROTEKT series.


When will I have time to sleep? Dunno. And NANO is around the corner. *sigh* I have no clue what I’m working on for that.


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