Hello and news!

OC Hello! Is this thing on?

*taps mic*

Yeah, it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. Okay, well more than a minute. DUDE! I told Shar we needed to get back into blogging. How ELSE would we let readers know about new releases and what we’re doing? I mean, sure Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Yep, we got all of those and hey, if ya don’t, use em what’s the freaking point?

*stomps foot*

Yeah, sometimes real life gets in the way. You know real important things like, kids, husband, EDJ’s!

*grumbles* So glad I’m just a muse!

Yep, all of those will take over anything that has to do with us muses, but at least the gal has been writing.

Thankfully, under all 3 of us. Whew *wipes brow* Shar’s been working hard so what has she done for me? Well, that up there is my next book. The Odd Couple. The book is in edits so I’m hoping we’ll be able to finish it and get it out there by March 31st. Then, there is Hell Hath!




Notice the change in numbers. The Zon told Shar their system doesn’t recognize decimals so we had to change all the covers. Yep. Even though Living in Sin has very little to do with the serial killer, I had to make it book 4. So, Hell Hath is book 5. This book is about halfway done so I’m looking to finish by end of April or before. It’s an MF, but if you’ve been following the N’awlins Series, you must see this book to know what happens next. And our girl Kenina she needs some love, doesn’t she? She is definitely one of my favorite characters. Thank you Michael for letting me claim her.

As far as my own series, Metalrotica, I will be getting back to it. Hirah’s books are next up and I’m hoping to get them out for summer.(June, July, August) It will be a trilogy with The Wretched’s new ace shredder telling the tale and falling in love in the process. I also have some m/m books lined up for Metalrotica and another book for Metalerotique. I dunno if I can get them all out before the end of this year, but we’ll see. Believe me, the muses have been fighting in Shar’s head and so far, I’m winning. *laughs*

So that’s it. I have other things I’m working on but when I have more news, I’ll pass that along. Join me at this FB party to promote my next release https://www.facebook.com/events/106739743053123/ I’ll be there on March 29th!

For now, check out the N’awlins Exotica Series as well as Under the Gun which I hope to get the next book out by Fall 2016!

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