Hop for Visability, Awareness, and Equality

HAPHOBIAUMBRELLA2016 Greetings readers! Welcome to the hop for visibility, awareness, and equality. This used to be called the Hop against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia, but the new organizers have changed the name which I think is important for  inclusion. May 17th is the International say against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia! Please check out more details here.

Please check out my post and then my newest release under BL, The Odd Couple. Ill be giving away a $10 GC from All Romance and a book from my backlist!

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Love is Love!

What is the definition of love? Dictionary dot com says, a profoundly tender affection for another person. A feeling of warm personal attachment for a parent, child, or friend. A person towards whom love is felt.

Those are all correct and nowhere in that sentence does it mention gender, race, or religion. It says person, period which means that anyone can love anybody.aidenlandenseancody10

We’re all brought up with a set of ideals, some which were molded by either our parents, teachers, or some outside force like the church. When this happens, we’re taught that if it’s not one way then it’s wrong or even abnormal. Think about it, what could be abnormal or weird, or wrong about loving someone?

Love is love. Period. Doesn’t matter who that person is, what color, gender, religion, social status. Love is indeed blind, so if someone has ideas that men loving men or women loving women is wrong, then perhaps they should look at what the true meaning for love is.

13043862_sOf course, that only covers significant others or spouses, but what about your friends and family? Look at the movie Frozen and how the character was supposed to break a curse through true love. I’m sure all of us thought it was the female character’s love for a man, but it actually wasn’t. It was bigger than that. More importantly the characters love for her older sibling.

So regardless, in terms of significant others, the differences don’t matter and then when it comes to friends, family, children, it still is love and that could warm a person’s heart.lescouple2

Bottom line, love is love and the other lesson, don’t loosely throw the word around. Get to know who is in your corner and truly has a deep affection and/or appreciation for you as an individual.

* * * *

OCMy latest book is The Odd Couple under BLMorticia. This book kind of sums up my post. Two men from different backgrounds, opposites in every way, coming together to find true love!


Unlike the popular bank, Chase Whittaker has no money. However, living on the northwest side of Chicago in a rundown building with no car, and no savings hasn’t made him totally undesirable. His good looks and charm make up for everything he seems to lack. Still, it’s not enough to stop his landlord from threatening to sell the building where he owns the store his grandfather opened.

Micah Strickland is the child of famous football player Thomas Strickland and a ghostwriter. Though he’s never hurting for money, He can’t seem to find a man who wants the same things he does. Insecurities about being accepted as a gay and black man also prohibit him from being happy. He does everything to prove he fits in and even after all that, Micah hasn’t found anyone who’s interested in a committed relationship.

When Micah visits Chase’s shop, the sparks fly almost immediately. Chase makes Micah feel special and seems to understand Micah’s battle with wanting to be accepted. But the possible relocation of the bookstore is a dark cloud over their budding romance.

As one issue lends itself to another, Micah finds himself battling what he’s feeling for Chase and loyalties to his father. The question now becomes, will he be able to honor his father without losing the man he’s come to love?

Amazon US

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“So we’re starting out this month in the red. We really need to get some sales or we’ll be looking for a new place real soon. Oh, and by the way, the interest on the loan we took out together three months ago is going up because you missed a payment.”

Chase toyed with a pen on his desk. “Did you know Greg called me a slob?”

“No I didn’t, Chase, and this is further proof that you really don’t listen to anything I say.” Jennifer sounded frustrated.

Chase looked up at his partner and best friend, Jennifer Brightman. “I … I do listen, I’m distracted, that’s all. I mean, how would you feel if your man just up and walked out on you without a freaking notice.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. “I haven’t had a man in like three years, so excuse me for not feeling sympathetic,” she snapped.

“Fuck. Okay, okay.” Chase reached across the mountain of papers on his desk and grabbed Jennifer’s hand. “I’m sorry, Jenn. I really am.” Chase chewed on his bottom lip. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been without a boyfriend.”

Jennifer twisted her lips up to the right. “Chase Whittaker, he just broke up with you a few days ago. You’d been with him for like six months. And by the way, news flash, you are a slob!”

“Am not!” Chase let go of her hand and shifted in his chair, causing a stack of books behind him to tumble to the floor.

“I rest my case.”

“No, no, I … I didn’t have a chance to put these away. These are some good ones a customer dropped off yesterday and I wanted to look them over before I set them on the shelves.” Chase turned to put them back.

“Chase, would you listen to yourself? You’re so busy defending your actions, you don’t see the mess around you. I mean look? Old food boxes on the floor, bills, and junk mail all over what used to be our desk. Unless we have a private conversation, I don’t even come in here anymore. Did you notice I put my own table in the back with the CDs?”

“And I asked you why and you said to have your own space.”

“Yeah, to breathe,” she retorted.

Chase eyed his office and shook his head. “Okay, maybe I am a little messy, but hey I’m a guy.”

“I thought gay guys were supposed to be neat freaks.”

“Well, that’s where you’re wrong, Jenn. Not all gay men are neat and tidy. Anyways, I’m not a slob. Slob means things everywhere and a mess so bad I have bugs, right?”

Jennifer sighed and looked away at her cell phone.

“Right?” Chase waited for the answer.

“The definition of slob means unslovenly or untidy.”

“What? Let me see that!” Chase popped out of his chair and grabbed her phone He glanced at the screen. “Um, I’m not unattractive.”

“No you are not, but your untidy habits make you unattractive. Thank goodness you haven’t let your propensity to keep things as junky as possible get to your appearance! Just clean up your act a little and I’m sure you’ll be able to keep a boyfriend.”

Chase placed Jennifer’s phone on the mountain of papers and sat back in his creaky chair. “Fine, I’ll clean up in here. There are plenty of things I can throw away, believe you me. Still, I don’t get why he up and left. He could’ve helped me with my said problem instead of walking out.”

“Well, perhaps he didn’t want to be your maid,” she answered. “Anyway, back to the books.”

Chase put his hands over his ears. “Nope, no, la la, don’t want to hear it. Don’t you remember our agreement about not talking finances until the fifteenth and the last day of the month? That’s when most of our bills and rent are due.”

“Yeah and today is the fourteenth, the day before—”

“Which means we don’t talk about it until tomorrow,” Chase smiled and placed both hands behind his head. “Now, let’s talk about going out Saturday night. Both of us need a man and there’s this new place in Wicker Park—”

“Chase, please, can we talk about this? I don’t have the money to help you out with this payment. It’s ballooned and it’s a big deal if we don’t pay it back on time this month.”

Chase shrugged and sat up straight, wishing they didn’t have to talk about money. Breakups and bills always killed his mood, but he knew this conversation had to happen so they could keep the doors to Oldie but Goodie open.

“All right, fine. You’re such a killjoy.”

“Yep, that’s me, Jenn the killer of all joy. All the men I dated said the same thing.” She straightened out her papers. “So, again, we need some more funds to get—”

“Uh, sorry, Chase? Can you come up front? There’s this um, old geezer looking for some records. I got no clue what to tell him and he asked to speak with the owner.”

Saved by the kid.

* * * *

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8. Elin Gregory [mm] 30. Nicole Dennis (M/M, ACE, M/M/F) 52. Caraway Carter (LGBT)
9. Alexa MIlne 31. Lexi Ander 53. L M Somerton (M/M)
10. Nic Starr (M/M) 32. Barbara G.Tarn (M/M, ACE) 54. Taylor Law (GAY)
11. Evelise Archer (MM) 33. Kaje Harper M/M, TR, BI 55. Anastasia Vitsky (F/F, TR, BI)
12. Sue Brown 34. JMS Books LLC 56. Draven St. James (M/M)
13. Elizabeth Varlet (M/M, BI, NB) 35. JM Snyder 57. A.V. Sanders (GAY, ACE, NB)
14. Raven J. Spencer 36. Dean Pace-Frech 58. Lynley Wayne
15. Sharing Links and Wisdom (REV) 37. Kimber Vale 59. DP Denman (GAY)
16. Lisa Horan (REV/Multi) 38. Jacintha Topaz (BI, F/F, M/M, TR) 60. M.A. Church M/M
17. Archer Kay Leah (M/M, F/F, TR, NB, BI, ACE) 39. Prism Book Alliance® (MULTI) 61. Andrew J. Peters GAY
18. Alexis Duran (M/M) 40. Eva Lefoy (M/M, F/F, F/M/F, BI, MULTI) 62. Dianne Hartsock MM
19. Jules Dixon 41. Lou Sylvre (M/M) 63. M. LeAnne Phoenix M/M F/F
20. R.M. Olivia 42. Anne Barwell 64. Cherie Noel (M/M)
21. Heloise West (M/M) 43. Viki Lyn (M/M) 65. Chris McHart (M/M, Trans*)
22. Angel Martinez (M/M GAY BI TR) 44. Sean Michael


19 responses to “Hop for Visability, Awareness, and Equality

  1. Love IS Love! Great post! Thanks for participating in the blog hop! And I am really looking forward to reading your newest release!

  2. Thanks for the lovely post and articulating what love really means. Your new books sounds great!

  3. Thank you for the post and for the excerpt! Love that you used Frozen as an example since I think everyone thought it would be between lovers (of opposite sex) and not familial (between two sisters).

  4. You are so right Love is Love, it is so important to remember that 🙂 Thank you for this post and for participating in this Blog Hop.
    I enjoyed the excerpt of The Odd Couple.

  5. I’m grateful to the Hop for sending me here today, because I wasn’t familiar with your work before!

  6. Such a beautiful post, I really loved this. I loved your approach. Yes, love is love, no matter what gender you love. And I loved how you mentioned Frozen. I have to admit, I was one of the people who thought Disney was going to stick with the old, cliched Prince Charming kiss and was pleasantly surprised when they instead gave us all a great example of what varied true love can be.


  7. It is extremely important for us to talk about all the people under the umbrella, especially in the light of the recent events, so thanks for talking participation in this blog hop!

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