Re-Release for Under the Gun and other news

UTG  Greetings all. I haven’t been around much lately, mostly because Shar has had a lot of personal things going on, but good news! Under the Gun is finally back on the shelves. Just in case you missed it, you can grab it now at Amazon, All Romance, and Smashwords!

Also, I’m pretty sure I didn’t make a formal announcement about my next books. Remmy Duchene and I submitted Wound Pride which is the follow-up to Wounded hearts and it was accepted! WHEW! Look for that in January 2017. Then, we also submitted a series called AGAIN to a publisher. We are still awaiting word on that.

As far as my solo biz goes, Hirah’s first book is done. At least first draft. I’m about to send it to a beta or two then move on to the next book. It won’t be released until book 2 is done. I don’t want to wait months between releases so I’m making sure most is done before I unleash the first. Shar wants to start the sequel to The Odd Couple but she’s in a quandary about the next series Michael is doing. Also Hell Hath edits are underway, so we hope to get that out end of this moth or next month.

Thats it for now! Again, check out Under the Gun if you haven’t already.


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